Welcome! Deck the Halls Workshop FAQ
Welcome to the workshop!
Now it's time to join the FB group...

Make sure to enter keyword JOLLY when you request to join!

Once you're in the group all important information about the workshop will be under the FEATURED tab in the group.
Or search for Deck the Halls with Wilshire Collections- 2022 online workshop! in your FB search bar to locate the group
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Here's your supply lists!
This list will also be inside the FB group under the FEATURED tab.
As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases, however there is no extra cost to you to use my referral links.

You’ll need one cutting board if you want to make yours reversible, or you can of course make more than one if you’d like also! 
Cutting Board
Cutting board (12x6 ⅜)

Woodpecker Option 
(This is where I recommend ordering this from. Use code WILSHIRE for 5% off your order)

Amazon Option

Any cutting board you have on hand that’s at least 6 ⅜ in wide and 9” tall would also work! 

White Acrylic Paint
I’m using Deco Art Snow!
Brown Acrylic Paint
I’m using Deco Art Traditional Burnt Umber!
Small Chalkboard Tags (Qty. 2)
Printable can be printed on cardstock OR tissue paper! Please see the video inside the FB group under the FEATURED tab on how to print on tissue paper!

Click Here To Download Printable

You’ll also need a foam/sponge brush, regular craft paint brushes, mod podge and hot glue!
Mod Podge - Amazon Option
Foam Brush - Amazon Option
Craft Brushes - Amazon Option
My Favorite Glue Gun - Amazon Option
Heat Gun (or Hair Dryer) - Amazon Option
(Optional) Mini Iron and Parchment Paper if you want to try this technique for mod podging!
Mini Iron - Amazon Option
Get creative with what kind of ribbon or “extras” you want to use on your cutting boards! 
4" Wood Squares For Ornaments
Any of these would work! Get as many as you'd like to make, the sky is the limit!
I suggest ordering from woodpecker and using code WILSHIRE for 5% off your order! 

Woodpecker Option
Woodpecker Rounded Corners Option
Woodpecker Chunky Wood Option

I have also seen these in this size at Hobby Lobby and Walmart
Crackle Medium
Amazon Option
(You can also use regular Elmer's Glue if you don’t want to purchase this crackle or another crackle medium)
Get creative with your hangers!
Think ribbon, beads, jute, etc. 
Print the ornament bundles on cardstock paper. If you’d like you can print the 3rd page of the main printable bundle onto tissue paper. Totally optional and the instructions for how to print on tissue paper are inside the FB group.

Click Here To Download Printable (Red & Green Ornaments)

Click Here To Download Printable (Black & White Ornaments)

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