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Please read this information and the FAQs thoroughly. This will answer many of the questions you may have now or in the future. 

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What's Next?
#1 - Join The DC Group On Facebook
Now, let's get started decorating and creating together!

The next step is to join our private group. This is where all the DC group is held and where all the fun happens, so make sure to join now so you don't miss a thing!!

**If the link doesn't work, try searching Wilshire Collections Decorating and Creating Community in the FB search bar.

I will accept your request as soon as possible, but please allow up to 48 hours for all requests to be approved.

If your name on your profile is different than the name you used to sign up, make sure to enter your email address with your join request, so we can easily locate your order and know it's you!

See you inside the group!

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When are my subscription payments charged?
You will be charged on the same day each month. For example, if you purchased your DC subscription on February 1st, you'll be charged again on March 1st and so on.
What if I need to cancel my subscription?
To cancel, please email support (wilshirecollections 1@gmail.com) and we will cancel your subscription for you within the next 5 business days.

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To cancel, you must contact us 5 business days prior to your next payment date. Per our policy, no refunds will be issued if you did not contact support at least 5 days prior and therefore another payment was charged before your account was canceled.

Note: You will still have access to the FB group until the end of your payment term. (For example, if your last payment was charged January 15th, you will have access to the FB group until February 15th.)

Questions? Visit our: Help Center
I need to update the credit card that's on file...
Whether your recent payment failed or you just got a new card, the simplest way to update your payment method is to fill out this form: Update Payment Form

If your subscription payment fails at any point, we will notify you via email (and text if you're opted-in to text alerts) with instructions on how to update your payment information. We will contact you twice over a period of 7 days to update your payment. Failure to update your payment method or respond to the failed payment messages will result in your subscription be canceled.
What do I do if I need help?
Questions? Visit our: Help Center

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