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Do you love to decorate and create? Me, too! So let's have some fun!

The doors to the DC are currently closed. Join the waitlist below!
Do you love to decorate and create? Me, too! So let's have some fun!
The doors to the DC are currently closed. Join the waitlist below!
I would love to have you in the DC fam! This is my VIP group, where we come together and have fun doing all the things!

What you can expect each month inside the DC...

Exclusive crafting lives with Stacey

Making cute projects that aren't done anywhere else!

Decorating lives with Stacey

Teaching you tips and tricks on how to take those crafts and decor items and style them cute in your home!

DIY challenge! 

Share your crafts with the others and get inspired by what everyone else is doing!

Home Decor Giveaway

Have a chance to win cute decor items for your home each month!

Free printable each month for the DC

Each month I create an exclusive printable just for the DC

Post pictures of your house any time

Get help from Stacey and the other ladies with decorating

An amazing community of people who are all so sweet and encouraging

We truly are a family!

AND... One of my favorite things... Our quarterly virtual craft nights!!

This is where I will give you the supply list and we'll craft together over Zoom! (Or you can watch on FB live in the group. These are always such a blast!

This was one of our virtual craft nights in the group! These are always SO fun!
The DC only opens a few times a year! There is no better time to join because we'll be doing an extra special DIY Series this Summer!
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The Decorating and Creating Community is a monthly subscription group. It is only $19/month and worth that and so much more!

Join today and you will have access to SOOOO many previous craft and decorating videos as soon as you join our FB group. (Be looking for a text and email after you sign up with all the details.) Many DC members tell me they binge for days when they first join :)

Your payment will come out each month on the day you sign up, and you can of course cancel your subscription at any time...but I think you're going to want to stick around you'll love it so much!!

What do ya say?! Want to come be a part of the DC fam?!

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Being in the DC fam is all about...

Decorating and creating... and doing so with a community of people who are all so supportive and encouraging!

Enjoy exclusive DC crafting lives AND virtual craft nights!
Make cute decor AND learn how to style it!
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Here's what some DC Girls are saying about the group...

“The group is by far an amazing community of ladies who share a passion for decorating. Everyone is so helpful, kind, and offers great support.

Stacey is so genuine, kind hearted, and has a keen sense of style and design. I love her DIY projects, and she always makes you feel welcome. The group is definitely a steal with everything that’s offered!! It’s definitely made a difference not only in my home decor, but I have a community of women I feel like I’ve known forever!!”

- Charisse, DC Girl

“Being in the decorating community has been such a positive experience for me. It is more than decorating or DIY’s or shopping, it is about being part of a group of women who are kind, supportive and love to make their HOUSE a HOME through decorating and crafting.

Love being a DC girl!

Thank you Stacey for always sharing your talent, support, inspiration and setting the tone for this positive group.”

- Jeanette, DC Girl