5 minute Christmas ornament craft~ snowflake fun!

What do ya do when you have some cute snowflakes and 5 minutes to craft?! You make a cute ornament for your tree of course! Well, that’s what I do at least…because I HAD to show you this one!

This 5 minute Christmas ornament craft is full of snowflake fun and literally ANYONE can do it! Perfect for your tree or even a little sign to hang!

Here is what I used for this 5 minute Christmas ornament project:

These iron on pieces came from Walmart over in their fabric section. If you can’t find these, any type of snowflake will do. Even a wood cut out one would be fine and you could cover with scrapbook paper, leave it wood or paint it! 5 minute Christmas craft ornament with snowflakes!

This little board was $1 from the Dollar General. It’s for kids, but I knew I was going to paint right over all that anyways! 5 minute Christmas craft ornament with snowflakes!

I loved this little snowflake garland that was also from Dollar General for $1! I took mine apart for this project though (see below).5 minute Christmas craft ornament with snowflakes!

First I took some Waverly chalk paint from Walmart in the color ink and just painted the board black.5 minute Christmas craft ornament with snowflakes!

Once that was dry(ish), I used hot glue and attached my buffalo check snowflake. Remember, I had 5 minutes and I’m impatient…hence the dry-ish reference. Haha!

Next I cut all the strings between the snowflakes because each snowflake was attached to a small clothespin. I simply went around the edges and clipped those clothespins right on. SO easy! 5 minute Christmas craft ornament with snowflakes!

What do you think of how this 5 minute Christmas ornament craft?! This is a great option if you are trying to move over to a “themed” tree to match your ribbon, etc. but you don’t want to break the bank buying all new ornaments! And it’s a pretty good size too which I love!  5 minute Christmas craft ornament with snowflakes!

Let me know if you think you will make one this year?!

Until next time…




  1. Elaine Morris

    I ordered the video on how to decorate your tree on November 29, 2019. I have never received it. I also wrote you a message two weeks ago asking about the order. No response from you. The charge has been on our visa since the day the order was placed. I am disappointed in you that I have received no info from you, no video and been billed for the video.

    • Stacey Collins

      Hi. The best way to reach me is to email me at info@wilshirecollections.com because I get so many messages on FB that I can not keep up with all of them and often miss some. I assure you it was not intentional. The video should have been emailed to you right after purchase, and sometimes you will need to check your spam/junk folder to be sure it didn’t go there. Please email me if you need more assistance. Sorry for the confusion!