5 ways to start holiday planning NOW! It’s never too early to be inspired!

Yes, I realize it’s only July. But I also realize it’s practically August. Which means that September is next…which is officially Fall and then Christmas is right around the corner from there! So, hang with me here!

I’m sharing 5 ways to start your holiday planning now! You may think it’s too early, but you will thank me later, promise! Let’s get inspired NOW!

5 ways to start holiday planning now! Christmas will be here before you know it, and it's not to early to be inspired! Use these 5 easy tips to get a head start on your holiday planning!

You may not be ready to deck your halls (me either!), but you may be starting to think about the upcoming holiday season (me too!)! Let’s dive right into some ways we can start planning now…without being called crazy for putting up our Christmas lights just yet. Haha!

  1. Get PINSPIRED!! That’s right, start hitting Pinterest HARD right now! I’m starting to see tons of Fall and Christmas show up all over Pinterest and I’m pinning it like crazy. This helps me to get ideas flowing in my head now so I’m not scrambling at decorating time trying to decide what I want to do. If you aren’t following me on Pinterest, be sure to do so here. I love to pin ALL the pretty things!
  2. Decide on your themes and schemes! Figuring out now what color schemes and themes you are going to use will be KEY! Maybe you do the same things every year, but maybe this is the year you are ready to change it up! If so, what colors make your heart happy? Use those in your décor! Long gone are the days where you have to use “traditional” Fall or Christmas colors. The sky is the limit here, so make it a reflection of you and your style!
  3. Stock up on your tree ribbon…NOW! I’m hear to tell you that they put this stuff out early in stores for a reason. It’s mostly for the makers, crafters, etc of the world to be able to make all the pretty things before the holiday season hits. BUT…It’s also so we can get a head start before things get picked over. I almost waited too late last year to get my ribbon and a couple of the ones I used, I barely got enough of. I’m hoping to snatch more even earlier this year. So, don’t look at the ribbon aisle and think “I’ll wait until November.” If you know what you want, GRAB IT NOW!
  4. Don’t be ashamed to shop! Instead of judging these stores for putting stuff out so early, (because lets face it, that’s not going to change) go ahead and snatch a few things when you are out and about. This will help you avoid the mad dash when it’s actually time to decorate and you realize you still need to go buy allll the things!
  5. Sell your old holiday décor! Unless it was passed down from generations, nothing that is seasonal has to be used for every year of your life. It’s OK if your style changes and you want to change things up. My favorite thing to do is to sell my old décor on one of the local Buy, Sell, Trade pages. People will be looking to buy these types of items this time of year. That will also give you a little cash to “justify” buying some new items this holiday season!


Here are some Fall and Christmas pictures from my house last year. I already have a few ideas of things I will do slightly different this year. I’m holiday planning, pinning like crazy and my wheels are spinning for sure!

5 ways to start holiday planning now! Fall will be here before you know it, and the time is now to get ideas and be inspired. Find out how to do just that with these 5 easy tips!


holiday planning- start planning now for the upcoming holiday season. my fall table decor in my dining room with blue pumpkinsholiday planning- start planning now for Fall and the holidays. My shiplap mantle with herringbone tile and white pumpkinsholiday planning- how to start planning for Fall now. My entry way piece with fall apples and white pumpkinsholiday planning- fall DIY pumpkin. Start getting ready for the Fall now! holiday planning- how to start planning now for Christmas and the holidays. It's not too soon! My buffalo check inspired Christmas living room from 2017.How to start holiday planning now for the upcoming Christmas season! It's not too early. My buffalo check inspired Fireplace and mantle with red, black and white decor.How to start holiday planning now or the upcoming Christmas Season. My silver, gold and rustic dining room table and tree. how to start holiday planning now for Christmas! My red, black and white christmas decor with buffalo check inspiration. How to start holiday planning for Christmas now. My buffalo check mudroom for Christmas.

Ok…not gonna lie…just uploading those pictures here got me EXCITED!! It’s my favorite time of year, just around the corner! But first…I most soak up the last couple weeks of Sumer with my boys!

The main takeaway  here, is that it is OK to have Fall and Christmas on your brain! If you do, you will be better prepared for when it does come. If you are a planner like me, then holiday planning will be right up your alley too!

What’s your favorite way to prepare for the Holidays? An even better question is WHEN do you actually decorate for Fall? And Christmas?

I do things a little earlier than most maybe just because of this blog. I have to get it all styled and pictures taken so I can get the posts out to you guys in plenty of time. But, I usually do Fall right after Labor Day (or the week before). And Christmas will happen a couple weeks before Thanksgiving here this year! Haha! Can’t wait 🙂


Until next time…

~ Stacey


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