Backsplash can be painted? Sure can, I did it on an impulse!

I have been painting for years now.  I don’t even know how many pieces of furniture I’ve painted, but I love it. The transformations are always so exciting and every now and then I find time to do a project for myself.  I have several of my own painted pieces, but what excites me the most is when I paint something with Blackberry House Paint that is “out of the norm” for me. I painted my mantel once (see fireplace blog post), I painted my island (i’ll blog about that one day too!), and most recently I painted my kitchen BACKSPLASH!

First of all, here is how crazy I am. I tend to be very impulsive when it comes to projects around here. We’ve slowly started doing some changes in our kitchen.  I painted the island (impulse), we got a couple new light fixtures and that’s all we had done so far.  Having my kitchen cabinets painted is definitely on the list, but hasn’t happened yet. One night I laid in bed and thought “I wonder if I could just paint my backsplash?” Sure, I thought. Why not? You can literally paint just about anything with Blackberry House Paint. Then, off to dream land I went.

So, the next day I was doing something in my kitchen and before I knew it the impulse had kicked in and I was cleaning off counter tops and scrubbing down backsplash. I called my husband who was at work and said “Don’t worry about it.” This is our classic line to each other when we know we are doing something crazy that the other may roll their eyes about 😉 He asked what I was up to now and I told him to just trust me and it involved paint…shocker to him I’m sure.


Backsplash before

The brown cabinets, the brown backsplash, the brown hardwoods…just too much brown! So off to work I went converting my backsplash from brown to white.  I used Blackberry House paint Home Cooked Bread, which is one of my favorite antique whites. After one coat, I knew I had made the right choice. So I of course sent a quick text to the hubs with a pic and thumbs up telling him again to trust me.



After one coat of paint!


Y’all, 3 coats of paint and I couldn’t believe my eyes. SUCH a difference it made in my kitchen!

Tips: My biggest tips here are to SCRUB your backsplash good before painting. I recommend a good degreaser like this one.Goo Gone Kitchen Degreaser, Fast-Working, Clinging Formula, Residue Free — 28 fl oz Lots of dirt and grease builds up over the years. Then, tape off and paint as you normally would. 3M Scotch-Blue 2090 Safe-Release Crepe Paper Multi-Surfaces Painters Masking Tape, 27 lbs/in Tensile Strength, 60 yds Length x 3/4″ Width, BlueThe nice thing about this paint is that it dries so fast, by the time you are done with one coat you can move on to the next! For this project I intentionally left it a little lighter in between each piece of tile where the grout is. I wanted it to have the look of grout, and not a solid painting job. Finally, once painted and dry I applied 2 coats of Polycrylic to it. I prefer Polycrylic because it does not yellow over time like some sealers can. Minwax 24444 Semi Gloss Polycrylic Protective Finishes, 1/2 Pint


So, in just an afternoon I made an impulsive change that I am beyond happy with! Most of all, it’s just one more step towards getting my kitchen the way I want it. My husband left the house with brown tile backsplash and came home to white. Again, he’s the best for always going along with my crazy ideas (that 9 times out of 10 turn out to be pretty good ideas). So, until the next project….

~ Stacey


UPDATE!! See what my kitchen looks like NOW! We had our cabinets painted and man it’s like a new kitchen! 

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