Black painted front door transformation! How to give your home extra curb appeal!

We all know that the front of a home is the first thing people see when they enter. People also see it when driving or walking by. That’s why “curb appeal” can be so important! Let’s just say my front door had totally lost it’s curb appeal. haha!

This black painted front door transformation gave my entrance the curb appeal it was lacking and made such a difference! And yes, I did this all on my own with only a quart of paint!

Black front door

Over the years, my husband had restained our door many times. Every year it fades and fades because of the sun exposure. It was time for another refresh and this time I told him I wanted to try painting it, so he said GO FOR IT! Here’s the door in it’s faded glory. Yikes!

front door

I headed to Home Depot and grabbed a quart of this Behr Exterior Flat paint and primer. A friend recommended this to me and has used it several times on doors of her own!

black paint

I had them mix it in the color black and I headed back home to get started. Our back door is black, so I knew I loved it with our brick and knew a black painted front door was the perfect answer too! AND…it will go with all of my different seasonal decor items. Win, win!

black paint

I did take a sander and just lightly sanded the door. Not down to the bare wood, but just enough to smooth it up a bit. Then I of course cleaned and wiped it all down to give me a clean surface to paint!

sanding front door

Next, the not so fun part of taping things off. Ugh, definitely not my favorite but it’s so helpful!

taping off door. to paint

I used some brushes and rollers we had on hand. The roller really only worked on the bigger part of my door, and the brush was easier for the rest. Each door will be different of course!

painting front door

After coat one…I had a light bulb moment…and a domino effect that started! I realized that I did NOT like the tan trim with the black door, and I knew in my heart it ALL needed to be black. So, I called Anthony out there for his opinion and he agreed. I knew this had now turned in to a bigger project than I bargained for, but that it would be worth it!

one coat of paint on front door

After one side was done, I knew I had made the right call. It was going to make my door look SO much bigger!

painting front door

I had to keep going and doing a 2nd coat of everything. I did go back and do some touch ups of 3rd coats in certain areas, but it mostly covered well with 2. Look at the difference this black painted front door made!

Black painted front door

Can you even believe the difference?! I was literally in shock! And I’m SO in love!

I know this too will fade over time, but I guess I’ll just get the paint back out and touch it up when it does. I love a good before and after and this one just makes me smile. Now to get it all decorated again!


before and after painted door

Until next time…



  1. Michelle

    Looks awesome! Ty for sharing. Painting our front door is on my list of to do’s. Haven’t decided on a color as of yet. It is a creme color right now. Black is my go to color but our house is brick trimmed in a tan and chocolate brown. So not sure if black will look right.

    • Lori Martin

      Looks so Rich!!
      Great choice

  2. Sandy Taylor

    Much better!

  3. Carole Mejias

    Love it..good choice….makes the door pop, just think of all the colors you can use throughout the seasons..I can see a nice big grapevine lemon wreath with a nice bow…oh yes…..

  4. Charlotte McDonald

    This turned out beautifully. Great job. Can’t wait to see it decorated for the seasons -black makes a great backdrop

  5. Linda Wiley

    Stacey, I love love it. It completely changed the size of your entryway.

  6. Janet Long

    Stunning transformation!

  7. Judy gslkatin

    Looks great!!!

  8. Estelle Leclercq

    Beautiful ?, congratulations !!!!???

  9. Amy

    That’s some transformation! It looks absolutely beautiful!! Job well done!’

  10. Lynn Dallas

    Looks awesome Stacey ! It feels good to get an improvement project finished ?

  11. Teresa Sunderland

    That looks awesome. You did a great job.

  12. Janet Clifford

    That turned out amazing. Great choice. Janet from ND

  13. Debra

    I can’t believe the difference I LOVE the look. Good job ??

  14. Jane

    Love it. Might have to check that out for mine.

  15. JoAnne Houghton

    That black door looks beautiful!!! I’m glad you did the surround also ❤️

  16. Linda Gaylord

    Looks great and really pops out, with the black around it.

  17. Shari Reinhard

    Gorgeous! It does look so
    Much bigger!!

  18. Katrina

    Wow! That looks awesome! It’s so fun when your projects give you nearly instant gratification…

  19. Vicki Phillips

    Your door looks Great! I love Black. I wanted to paint my front door black but, I live in a Condo and everyone’s door has to be the same. Oh well, I do have black furniture so I guess I’m good!

  20. Sheryl

    Looks really good. I only use Behr paint. God job.

  21. Kathie Gilmore

    Wow Stacey that looks amazing!

  22. Janet

    I love it. I can’t believe the difference it made, a good choice Stacey.
    What a big transformation.

  23. Judy Allen

    All my doors inside and out are painted Iron Ore by SW. my husband was terrified but I just knew it would be a winner. Love the black doors. Great job and your entry looks twice as big!

  24. Jackie Clark

    I think it looks great can’t wait to see how you decorate it

  25. Lorrainr

    It looks perfect!!!!
    I did this a few years ago and it totally transformed my house. I painted the inside black too. ( kept the trim inside white though)!

  26. Susan Aleman

    Wow, it came out amazing. What a big difference. The power of paint, it works wonders.

  27. Lori

    It looks amazing and great job!!

  28. Sandy

    I love your front door! It looks awesome ?

  29. Chris Macumber

    So there is no grey in color, just black. Sure see grey! It looks grey!

    • Stacey Collins

      No, probably just the lighting in the pics. It’s dark black.

  30. Beverly Colvin

    Beautiful! You have inspired me to do mine! Side note: does anyone else see a mother and child in the first coat of paint. ?

  31. Brenda Parsons

    Yes it’s very cute luv your front door and the color looks great I wish I have the same door like you have ❤️

  32. Lou Roberg

    Oh my gosh Stacy!!! It looks like a different home! Truly this makes a statement!!! I absolutely love it. Very elegant looking!!! Awesome job girl!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️

  33. Ocia Fromme

    I love this ♥️♥️

  34. Marcia Bidwell

    I love it!! Looks fabulous!!

  35. Robin

    That door looks gorgeous

  36. Gladys Rivera

    Beautiful it does look bigger