Casual Christmas Table Setting…easy as 1, 2, 3!

I love setting a table for the Holidays! Well, for any day really. But, it is a lot of fun at Christmas for sure!

A Christmas table setting can set the tone for a get together. Are you more formal? Casual? Somewhere in between?

For my dining room, which you can see here, I am in that somewhere in between category.  A few touches of fancy with lots of casual still mixed in. I just am not a super formal person, no matter the reason or season.

In my kitchen area, where my family eats…it’s casual all the way! That’s why I wanted my Christmas table setting to be just that. Cute and casual!

I also needed something that could easily be pulled on and off, because lets face it. I’m not letting my 2 boys wipe their mouths with my cute plaid napkins 🙂

Lets dive right in to the good stuff…the pictures! Note how I used layers to create interest with my placemats, chargers, plates, then holiday plates. Add in some cute napkins and some eucalyptus to take it up a notch! Then, I of course styled my Lazy Susan for Christmas! I make those and you can find/buy them here.

Sources will be after the pictures as well!


Casual Christmas table setting with red, green, white plaid. Burlap and handmade lazy susan for centerpiece. The perfect and easy table setting this holiday season

I will link some sources here: (Some of these are affiliate links, which means if you purchase them I may get a small compensation. This is at no extra cost to you and helps support my blog. Thank you! See my full disclosure page for more info)

Placemats- I’ve had for years, but they originally came from TJMaxx

Plaid Napkis- Target

Holiday plates- Hobby Lobby (couldn’t find link)

White plates- Dinner plates from Target. These are great because they are cheap and you can use them for layering all year round!

Lazy Susan and farmhouse beads- I make these in several different styles. You can shop them here.

Everything else is stuff from years past and most probably came from Homegoods or TJMaxx.

Hope that was helpful for you! Have you put together your easy Christmas table setting yet?!

Until next time…

~ Stacey



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