How to create and put together a fabulous centerpiece!

Last week on IG, I shared on my InstaStory how I put together this tablescape centerpiece for a client. I wanted to share it here with y’all as well since those stories disappear after 24 hours!

I’m kind of obsessed and wishing it was staying at my house, but alas…I must let it move on to it’s forever home.

Putting a centerpiece together like this is not as intimidating as it may seem. I always buy a bunch of stuff I think might work, and then come home and play with it. Whatever I don’t use, can either be used for another project or returned. Keep those receipts just in case 🙂

I found this piece at Nest Décor in Franklin, TN and knew it would be perfect for her large dining room table. Finding your “piece” is half the battle. Once you have that, the fun can begin! There are SO many ideas on the all mighty Pinterest, so start there if you feel like you need a little inspiration.centerpiece

For this centerpiece, I knew we needed a couple of bigger anchor pieces since it was so large. I went to Hobby Lobby and found those first, and then grabbed things that I knew would work for filler. I even brought the piece with me in my trunk, and as soon as I left Hobby lobby put a few things in there to see if I was on the right track. The cotton balls were the only thing my client wanted to eliminate, so I did just that and worked with the rest, plus some! centerpiececenterpiece


Now, this video is FAR from profesh…mmm,k?!?! Don’t leave now, don’t click off your screen. Stick around, because it still gets the point across and shows you how it was done. InstaStory lets you record like 15-20 seconds at a time, so I pieced together my instastory which is why it sounds a little choppy and doesn’t always flow well 😉 One day maybe I will make a professional video, but that day is not today my friends. So, enjoy!!

See, that wasn’t so hard and it wasn’t so professional 😉 But, you get the idea. I played around with it until I got it the way I wanted it. I rarely get it right on the first try! It’s ok to add to, and remove as you go.  Here are a few after pictures of it on my dining room table. I can’t wait to see it all set up on my clients table next!


I hope this gave you a few tips and a little inspiration too! Here are some links to some similar products that I used today. You can also go to your local Hobby Lobby!

White Pitcher

Glass bottle

Moss balls

Wood Slices

Spanish Moss

I hope this gave you some insight and inspiration. Until next time…




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