The cheap way to change out your pillows using Amazon pillow covers!

It’s no secret that I have a pillow problem. I looooooove pillows. So much so, that I have to force myself to not walk down that aisle in stores sometimes because I know I’m not strong enough. Haha! Anyone else?!

I think one of the things I love the most about pillows is that they really can be an inexpensive way to change up your room and make an impact. AND…make you feel like your room is new and fresh!

In order to not break the bank, I’ve discovered my new favorite way to switch out pillows for all the reasons and seasons!


I have ordered 3 sets now, and I have been happy with all 3. So, I am now convinced that this will be my new way of changing out these small accent pillows around the house.


The cheap way to change out pillows around your house with amazon pillow covers!

Do I still love my fun pillows I find from TJMaxx, HomeGoods, Target, Kirkland’s, etc?! Well, of course! I have plenty of those too! But this is just another great option for you, that is CHEAP!

I used these buffalo check pillow covers at Christmas and in the winter time. I loved, loved them and will definitely be using them several different times throughout the year in my living room. However, when it came time to start busting out the Spring…I was craving some bright colors! buffalo check pillow covers amazon holiday gift guidebuffalo check inspired christmas living room with red, black and white. couch with pillows and coffee table with trayLazy Susan, Gray Driftwood finish handcrafted and made to order

I found a 2 pack of fun patterned pillows at TJ Maxx for only $14.99! This was the beginning of my great deal score. but, I decided that adding in a solid pillow to coordinate would be the perfect finishing touch. It was much cheaper for me to buy the covers from Amazon than it would have been to go buy 2 new pillows. I found a 2 pack for under $15!! So, I picked those to coordinate. the cheap way to change out your pillows all year with amazon pillow covers

Look how cute it looks together!! And that is 4 pillows for right at $30!!! WIN, WIN!!!! The cheap way to change out pillows with amazon pillow covers

The cheap way to change out your pillows with Amazon pillow covers

The other place I recently used Amazon pillow covers was in my Master Bedroom when I decided to add in some blush accents. Again, I didn’t want to break the bank on this mini makeover. So, this was the perfect choice! I LOVE the texture on these and they really are great quality for the price. Oh, and the perfect shade of blush!

blush pillow covers from amazon


It’s easy to buy the pillow inserts and then be able to just replace the covers…all on Amazon! The inserts will be a one time (cheap) investment and can be used each time! Most of mine are either 16×16 or 18×18.

Here are some inserts:


And here are the pillow covers I have gotten from Amazon, along with some others that I think are cute! The first 3 are the ones I have and they all have zippers to close them, which I really like. (Please keep in mind that I can only speak to the quality of the 3 I have ordered. Read reviews and make your best judgement on the others!)

Does anyone else use this little hack to change out their pillows?! I love a good and CHEAP way to change up my decor. How about you?!

Until next time…

~ Stacey

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cheap and easy way to switch pillows for spring