Christmas tree inspiration for a Master Bedroom

Do you put a tree in your master bedroom? If you don’t, I really think you SHOULD…no matter the size of tree!

I’ve got some Christmas tree inspiration for a master bedroom that will give you all the Christmas feels and ideas this year!

 Christmas tree inspiration for a master bedroom

Top 2 reasons why I love having a Christmas tree in my bedroom:

  1. It gives me an excuse to decorate another tree, and who isn’t looking for that excuse this time of year?
  2. Going to sleep by the twinkle of the lights is truly MAGICAL and makes my heart so happy!

I realize not everyone has a space big enough for a full size tree. For me, I’ve used a 6 foot King of Christmas flocked tree the past few years and it’s just right for my room.

Do you have a corner? A wall? A table top? Anywhere you could put a tree….even if it’s just a small one with lights that goes on a dresser? Trust me, you’ll thank me later!

This year, all of the ribbon I am using on my tree came from Trendy tree online! If you are looking for good quality and adorable ribbon, you MUST check them out. (Ribbons linked at the end)

I couldn’t not use this cute red and white curly ribbon as my base ribbon, it was just TOO cute to pass up!

 Christmas tree inspiration for a master bedroom

I have a lot of gray already in my bedroom, so I LOVED the idea of using these others as my accent ribbon. You may notice that I did my bows different than I did on my main living room Christmas tree here.

 Christmas tree inspiration for a master bedroom

It was honestly so easy (because you know I am not good at bows). I simply cut the ribbon into about 12″ strips, laid them on top of each other, twisted in the middle and then used the branch to secure them.

After that, all I had to do was fluff and trim the edges. Cute and easy, right?!

Once I was done with that, it was time to add all of my cute ornaments I’ve collected over the years. A combo of red, white, gray and black! How pretty does this all look?!

A cute garland I’ve had for years, some bells from last year and some berry picks for up top…and this cutie was done! Are you getting that Christmas tree inspiration yet?!

I truly hope you love it this year and love the little twist I put on the ribbons! For my full tree tutorial on how I do the base ribbon and the OTHER kind of accent ribbons I use on my main tree, click the button below

Let me know if this post gave you some Christmas tree inspiration and if you put a tree in your bedroom too! If not…are ya thinking about it now?!

Christmas tree inspiration for a master bedroom

Like I said, going to sleep with the twinkle of those lights is truly magical and just makes my heart so happy!

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  1. Sandy

    Where did you find the Pom Pom garland ??

    • Stacey Collins

      Big lots a few years ago!

      • Jan Hill

        LOVE, LOVE & LOVE. this tree!!! Really am coveting a tree this gorgeous. You are such a great decorator!!

        • Stacey Collins

          You’re sweet, thanks!

      • Ginger Woods

        Lovely! Can’t wait to try some of the tips you showed us!

  2. Cheryll Ann Nichols

    Absolutely beautiful tree. You did an amazing job. My room isn’t big enough for a tree except for a small one on my night stand.

    • Stacey Collins

      That works for sure!

  3. Sandy Penny

    Oh Stacey, it is gorgeous! You are definitely a pro. Thanks for the links . I truly love your ribbon.

  4. Deb Frederick

    Stacey, I love it! I Love the ribbon! The base ribbon is so beautiful going through the tree and I love the three ribbons going across the branches!!! It looks beautiful!!
    Job Well Done!! As Always! You Are the Best!! Love ya girl!!

    • Stacey Collins

      Appreciate that SO much!

  5. Christine

    Love this

  6. Tammy Foley

    Absolutely Beautiful!❤?❤

    • Laurie

      Just Beautiful, the Ribbon is So Awesome. Thanks for sharing your Talent, You are Truly Blessed

    • Norma

      Love it u r an inspirational and do lovely. Bless those hands??

  7. Marsha

    Beautiful, you truly have a gift???

  8. MichelleDavidson

    Absolutely love it! Love the ribbon combination.
    I put a 7 ft Charlie Brown tree in my bedroom and I leave the lights on all night.

  9. Vicki

    Love both your trees and yes I put one in my bedroom also. Yours are beautiful

  10. JanetClarke

    Absolutely Love the colors. Main tree is already decorated. Waiting for a 6.5 ft flocked tree from Amazon for dining area. Thanks for this color scheme idea. Perfect!!!

  11. Laura Cousins

    Love this! Thanks for the inspiration. ?

  12. Terri

    I love the garland. May try making one if can’t find one!! The tree is gorgeous. You need to come to Maine and help me do mine!

  13. Karen Ruffner

    So beautiful. Great job on your bedroom tree. It does se to bring more joy. I have not decorated yet but love your ideas.

  14. Cathy

    It’s just so beautiful I love the way you decorated your tree ? thank you for always explaining how you made everything ❤️

  15. TamiVickers

    So pretty! Love love!
    How many yards of each ribbon did you use for that size tree? Trying to get an idea of how much ribbon I should purchase?
    Thanks Stacey! Love your style!

    • Stacey Collins

      I only used around 30-40ft of the accent ribbons on this one, I am not sure on the base ribbon…it was 3 rolls of what I used I think!

  16. Jerri Kiser

    Love this tree!! Where did you get the bells used at the top of your tree?4

    • Stacey Collins

      I can’t remember, sorry! I’ve had them a couple years!

  17. Tonya Hackett

    I love your tree, very beautiful!! I’ve put one up on my tree for quite a few years now. Ranging from 4 to 6 feet tall. Also several little trees and lots of other decorations! Christmas is my favorite time of year!!

  18. Sheryl

    I absolutely love the red twirling ribbon.

  19. Kathie Gilmore

    Love your bedroom tree. You have a wonderful talent for decorating. You inspired me to buy a tree last year for our bedroom. I put a 4’ tree on our dresser. I loved it. Decorated it in red and white and kept it up through Valentines Day! I could put a taller skinnier tree but our bedroom consumes some extra furniture during the holidays to make room for our other Christmas trees!!

    • Stacey Collins

      oh yay! Love it!

  20. Chris Macumber

    ❤️ your Merry pillow and chair!

  21. jean smith

    The bedroom Christmas Tree is !!!! I love the way the red check ribbon flows and then you did the 4 ribbon pieces and twisted them and attached to tree branch. That saves a lot of time but it looks so good with all the decor on your tree. It is beautiful. You are so talented and the tree in the den is Beautiful as well. I enjoy looking at your blog post.
    Merry Christmas,

    • Stacey Collins

      You’re too sweet! Thanks!!


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