Craft room and office makeover for storage solutions

I can’t even believe I’m writing this post, because I feel like I have waited SO long for this day to come! I’ve had this vision for so long and now I can finally show you part one of the big reveal!

My craft room and makeover consists of a working desk, cabinets and drawers for storage and of course a crafting desk too!

This room where my new to my space is is the technical office in our home, but my husband Anthony was using it prior to now for his office. I was in a spare bedroom in our house, crafting from a 4 ft folding table and literally had no room to spare with my hot mess express self stuff everywhere. haha! If you’ve ever wondered what’s behind these french doors…NOW IT’S MY NEW SPACE!! (And Bailey checking it all out!)

Craft room makeover

Here’s a couple of old pics of my original craft room in the spare bedroom. I barely had room to walk between my desk and my crafting table! (Oh and that shelf that looks like hobby lobby is my decor overflow shelf and has since been moved to the garage hehe!)

Craft room and office makeover
Craft room and office makeover

After Anthony and I traded spaces (because he’s awesome and SO supportive) and we had the room painted (benjamin moore revere pewter), hung a new fan and I got a new rug. (Rug can be found on amazon HERE) The room was ready for its big makeover!

Craft room and office makeover

I worked with Tailored Living Nashville and had a designer, Becky, come out to help bring my vision to life. She went through all of my stuff to really get a feel for my storage needs and then went to work designing my dream space!

Then….came INSTALL DAY!! The guys from Tailored living were awesome! They worked hard and kept us involved in the process along the way. I only came to peek on the progress 999 times. haha!

Craft room and office makeover

Craft room and office makeover

Most of the pieces are built off site and then brought here to assemble together, attach, secure, etc. Super cool process and in ONE DAY THEY DID THIS!!

Craft room and office makeover
Craft room and office makeover

Can you even believe it?! This big piece is going to provide SO much storage for me. From crafting supplies to my everyday office needs, I truly think it’s going to work out great!

Craft room and office makeover

Behind these cabinets is a ton of storage with adjustable shelves which will be SO nice too!

Craft room and office makeover

And can we just talk about my new crafting desk?! I went with a taller desk so that I can stand while crafting, but I will also get a tall chair so I have the option to sit as well. All these drawers will make it so easy to put my most used items right within reach. (And YES, I’m going to put something down to protect the top of the desk and the floor below me!)

Craft room and office makeover
Craft room and office makeover

I went with a brushed nickel for the hardware and a lighter color wood for the top and I truly LOVE the combo!

Craft room and office makeover

I’m so thankful that Tailored Living helped me bring this dream to life and now comes the extra fun part! GETTING IT ALL SET UP AND ORGANIZED JUST THE WAY I WANT IT!! WOO-HOO! I’ll be sure to take you along on that process too, so stay tuned!

Let me know what you think so far?!

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  1. Tina Kovach

    Wow! How wonderful for you! I love all the cabinets space!! Love it!

  2. Carol

    Wow it looks Great Stacey ? some day my craft room will look like that lol. Congratulations

  3. Jacque Lindsey

    Looks awesome. So happy for you.

  4. Tami Rogers

    I want one just like yours ?? a girl can dream ?

  5. Patricia Ullmann

    The room is absolutely stunning. I’m so happy for you and can’t wait to see you craft from there.

  6. Tammy BrousseU

    Omg can’t wait to see it!!!

  7. Janice

    Holy beautiful space Stacey! Can’t wait for all of your finishing touches! I’m sooo happy for you! Enjoy!

  8. Kathie Gilmore

    Looks amazing Stacey! I’m soo excited for you.

  9. Judith T Hoffenberger

    It is so wonderful! You are going to love it!

  10. Elaine Williams

    It is truely a space thats amazing to craft in.
    Lots of storage beautiful calm colors and definitely your style. I love the calmness I feel when I look at it all together. Much deserved.

  11. Beverly

    I love all the storage! I can’t wait to see the finished room.

  12. Lori Finch

    It’s beautiful! Can’t wait to see the finished product ?

  13. Patti Hintz

    iam so jealous that is going to amazing and your going to be a happy camper i remember first seeing you i think was your kitchen the at a card table that is what it look like to me so yess you are going to have so much fun in your new area make sure to take lots of pictures for us to look at and in joy it all.

  14. Rhonda

    I love it! So crisp and neutral. I can’t wait to see how you fill the cabinets.

  15. Bunnie

    It looks beautiful, and I can’t wait to see how you decorate it.

  16. Teresa

    Love, love your new space.

  17. Wanda Arnold

    Love it!!!❤️

  18. Deborah Holt

    Looks awesome!!!!! You are going to have a fabulous time setting up!!! Can’t wait to see the finished reveal!

  19. Angie Baugues

    Its gorgeous!!! So excited for you!!♥️

  20. Vicki Phillips

    It is an Amazing Office/Crafting place! You are very Blessed to be able to have such a Beautifuly tailored space to work in. I am very happy for you ?

  21. Susan

    Im so excited for you!!

  22. Nicci

    I am completely jealous!! Such a great setup. Eventually I will get there.

  23. Donna

    I love it ! I am so excited and happy for you Stacey! You deserve to work in such a beautiful space!❤️?

  24. Laurie Roberge

    Absolutely amazing!! You aren’t going to know what to do with all that space!! So happy for you girl, you deserve all this and more! Can’t wait to see how you organize!! Best wishes in your new space!??❤❤

  25. Julie

    Amazing!! I love it!

  26. Carolynn

    Looks great, so far? is it still going to be guest room also?

  27. Peggy

    Your room is lovely and You will be able to organize yourself… yeah! I have a small craft room and I plan on built ins also… my closet is organized for my quilting supplies
    fabric quilts etc…
    us crafters need so much stuff for products and I basically craft for myself and gifts… I dont have a business… well best of fun decorating and organizing! I know you will!!!

  28. Connie Graham Mills

    Love it so far. Can’t wait to see how you decorate it. I have a small craft room too. Wanting to move in a bigger bedroom. Need good ideas. I’ll be watching. ❤️

  29. Nancy Brennan

    I’m so happy and excited for you! It’s absolutely fabulous!!!! I love ❤️ it!

  30. Roberta

    Absolutely love it! Wished it was mine!! ❤️❤️

  31. Dominique

    It looks amazing! I can’t wait to see how you decorate it. Congrats on the new craft room?

  32. Cindy

    I absolutely love it! Love the white color cabinets and you have so much room! I know you can’t wait to get settled in!

  33. Tamra

    That is AWESOME!!! Great for you and well deserved!! Enjoy!!

  34. Michelle Thompson

    Love the new craft space! So happy for you Stacey!

  35. Deborah Potter

    It’s so awesome! Just lovely girl ! That has to be a breathe of fresh air!!! So happy for you !

  36. Gail Hejmke

    Oh my goodness, how beautiful! I would spend my whole day in that office. You did a beautiful job…can’t wait to see it totally decorated and organized. I’m so happy for you…but not gonna lie, a little jealous. ?

  37. Marla

    This is really pretty and looks very functional!!! I know you’re excited as I would be!!! Congratulations and we’ll all enjoy the journey with you!!!!

  38. Brenda

    Love it! It’s so nice and bright! Can’t wait to see how you get it all decorated! ?

  39. Opal Hendrix

    I love love it 🙂 So neat and the color is lovely. I know you will enjoy this space everyday as you start putting your stuff away organized. My craft room is a wreck, it needs a double makeover.

  40. Tonya

    So happy for you Stacey. Everything looks great, love the rug. Can’t wait to see it after you get it all decorated.

  41. Marcia

    This looks fabulous Stacey! So happy for you!!

  42. Gail

    Wow!! Stacy I am so excited for you!! So much more space and lots of storage space!! I can’t wait to see how you set it up!!

  43. Celia

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  44. Peggy Kasinger

    Stacey that looks amazing! Glad you are happy with the way it turned out. Can’t wait to see you live in your new space!

  45. Connie Graham

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  46. Tina Kovach

    Just so awesome! Especially all the storage cabinets!! I would die to have all that storage! So happy for you!! Can’t wait to see you crafting in your new craft area!! Congratulations ?? ?

  47. Chris Deaton

    I absolutely love it. You done a fabulous job!! So happy for you!! You are awesome!! ❤️

  48. Dana Duvall

    I love your new space. I picked out the same knobs for my kitchen remodel. I’m loving your rug and wall color. You deserve it girl
    Enjoy it.

  49. Chris

    I absolutely love it and I’m so happy for you. I hope it serves you well!! ❤️

  50. Melinda

    Looks AMAZING! We are in the process of getting a 20 x 40 building for my crafts and my other hobby. Love the colors you selected. Enjoy your time in your new she-room.?❤

  51. Kim Nadeau

    Terrific plan! which came to fruition perfectly! Have fun crafting and decorating. I miss my craft room- daughter and 2 grandaughters came to live with us so I lost 2 rooms. But that’s ok. I dream about how I’m going to set the next one up.


    Stacey, So happy for you to get your new office/craft room. I am fortunate also to have one but at less expense. In my third bedroom I bought some kitchen cabinets from the local Goodwill and had a friend install. Then I purchased a formica top from Lowes and three base cabinets leaving room for a desk and chair. I removed the folding doors from the closet and placed Michaels storage in place of clothing. A small wall also has Michaels cube storage. I know you will love being able to create in privacy and you will love your own room. Congratulations!

  53. Angela

    It’s so beautiful!! It makes me want to organize and set up my craft room pronto! I love the storage and your desk area!

  54. Wendi Miller

    I just hired Tailored Living to do my pantry after seeing this! Thanks for sharing your craft room and experience with this company. I’m so excited!!