Craft Room ideas for set up and decor!

I’ve been waiting for this moment and I can now show you my new craft room at home!

These craft room ideas for set up and decor are perfect for the avid crafter who wants to make their space both functional and cute!

Craft room ideas for set up and decor

If you follow along with me on socials, you know that I recently set up a craft room in our new house!

We knew when we picked this floorplan, that this room (That is technically a bedroom) would be the home of the Wilshire Craft room!

So, to see this finally come to light (and even better than I dreamed) is SO exciting! It started as a clean slate…ready to see it now?!

First, I want to start by saying this is the cleanest it will EVER be! And…I did remove things like my tripod, trash can, etc. just to get some better pictures of the room.

Let’s enter and get started!

We did a feature wall on the back wall using peel and stick wood planks from Stikwood. you can watch my reel here to learn more about that project! I LOVE how it turned out!

Craft room ideas for set up and decor

It’s the backdrop for my live videos and sets the tone for the room! Don’t ya think?!

You can also see that I decided to paint the rest of the walls aqua, because it’s my FAVORITE color and I wanted this to be a happy space!
I went with Tidewater by SW, but I had them mix it at 75% (which just means it’s 25% lighter than the original). OBSESSED!

Craft room ideas for set up and decor

My crafting desk is something I had custom made YEARS ago, and it has been with me in every crafting space! I truly love it!

If you can get this done where you live, 10/10 recommend. I love that I can sit or stand and it has so much storage!

Craft room ideas for set up and decor

Behind my desk is this piece that I’ve also had for years from a local store, but the point here again is STORAGE!

Craft room ideas for set up and decor

I was really excited to be able to set up a little “staging table” on this wall that I can use to take pictures of projects when I’m done making them for the blog, socials, reels, etc.

This is something that is CRUCIAL in my business and is going to prevent me from always have to tear up my own house to “get the perfect shot” so I am PUMPED about this!

Craft room ideas for set up and decor

Let’s introduce the real hero of the room. THE KALLAX STORAGE SYSTEM FROM IKEA!! This is a crafters dream! At least mine!

Craft room ideas for set up and decor

Please go to the Ikea website to learn more about this because it is SUPER customizable and comes in tons of sizes!

You can decide which size works for your space, and then you can custom pick when type of inserts you want for it. I spent a lot of time looking and deciding what would work for me!

I went with 4 doors, 4 drawers, 4 baskets, and 4 different types of open shelves….I’m truly obsessed!

One day I promise I’m going to show you how I’ve organized some of this, but today it’s just about the reveal and the decor haha!

Craft room ideas for set up and decor

A couple of other areas that are definitely worth showing when it comes to decor…let’s go!

This family picture and these 3 printables of mine framed in 11×14 frames are the first thing I see when I walk in the room and I just LOVE them!

Craft room ideas for set up and decor

Now, for the sofa table! I was SO excited that there was enough room to use this piece from Hobby Lobby and knew right away that I wanted to use it for decor and a gallery wall above.

Now, if I run out of storage room I’ll swap out the decor at the bottom for some bins….but for now, let me have some fun lol!

Craft room ideas for set up and decor

So cute, right?!

Up top I spent A LOT of time planning out my gallery wall. I wanted to incorporate a mix of things that were special and sentimental to me, with some cute decor pieces I just loved and thought would look good.

Craft room ideas for set up and decor

Watch this gallery wall video here to see more about this process and get some of my tips for doing this! It was a process, but SO worth it in the end!

I will say that I think each crafter is so different in their needs, and over time I have definitely learned what I need out of a craft space. So, I had tons of craft room ideas by the time I was able to work on this room!

Craft room ideas for set up and decor

The great thing about this room is that there is also a walk in closet, so I was able to get even more shelves and storage in there…game changer!

What do you think of my craft room ideas and the reveal of the space?! I know so many of you have been following along as we have gotten it set up and I appreciate your excitement so much!

Craft room ideas for set up and decor

I can’t wait for MANY fun times and cute crafts and creative ideas that will happen right here in this room. It makes me smile, it makes me proud of how far I’ve come, and it makes me feel INSPIRED! Thank you God for the blessings!

Until next time…