Cute and stylish lamps for your home!

Give me all lamps! They rank right up there with my pillow obsession! Anyone else love them like I do?!

The thing I love about them is that they really can change up the look of a space! If you are using lamps that are old, outdated or you know longer love…make a switch! You won’t regret it!

This past week for Shopping with Stacey I rounded up some cute lamps that I love! One of my favorite places to personally shop in store for lamps is Kirkland’s, so you know I had to include a lot of those! Their prices are good and the styles are cute!

Here is one of my favorites from there that I own and love! 

Cute and stylish lamps- my kirklands lamp

Today I’m sharing some cute and stylish lamps for your home that I think you will love! So many styles, shapes and sizes!

I got a lot of questions about how to know which size lamp to use for which kind of space. In my opinion, I don’t think there is a hard and fast rule for this. I think the main thing you want to be sure of is that your lamp doesn’t over power whatever it’s setting on.

For example, if you have a small little end table- you would want to use a super tall and bulky buffet lamp. It wouldn’t look proportionate at all. Sometimes you just have to play around (buy it and try it) to see what works best for each space!

I’ll break these down by size and give you some suggestions for spaces to use them best!


Table lamps are often perfect for…tables! End tables, nightstands, entry way pieces, sofa tables, etc. Here are some cute ones!

Clear glass lamp


When they come in sets of 2, even better…if you need 2!

White distressed set of 2 


cute and stylish lamps set of 2 white

Glass set of 2 

Cute and stylish lamps- set of 2 glass lamps

White distressed lamp 

Cute and stylish lamps- table lamp kirklands

Ceramic lamp (comes in several colors!)

Cute and stylish lamps- ceramic


Yes, these look great on buffets! But they are also great for the end of media consoles or large dressers! You could do 2 matching, or you could just do one on the end. Up to you!

Kirkland’s Buffet Lamp

Cute and stylish lamps- buffet lamp from kirklands

Buffet Lamp from Walmart

Cute and stylish lamps- buffet lamp from walmart



Think of these as your accent lamps. Perfect for places like a bathroom or kitchen countertop! Or a smaller scale little accent table too.

White washed lamp

cute and stylish accent lamps

White diamond lamp

cute and stylish lamps- white diamond


Pretty sure this goes without saying, but these look best on the floor! hehe! I do love these next to a chair and little end table for a cozy reading nook look!

Kirkland’s Floor Lamp

Cute and stylish lamps- floor lamp kirklands

Rustic floor lamp

Cute and stylish lamps- weathered floor lamp walmart

White floor lamp

Cute and stylish lamps- white floor lamp from walmart

I hope you loved this little round up of lamps as much as I do! Let me know if you found or ordered yourself something! I love to help you guys shop and love seeing what you scoop up for yourselves!

Until next time…


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