DIY Chunky Yarn Trees

Well, these just make me soooo excited to share with you! They turned out pretty adorable if you ask me and ANYONE can do these!

These DIY Chunky Yarn trees are perfect for Christmas but can also be used all winter long! Take a look at how easy they are to do!

DIY Chunky Yarn Tree

Here’s the supplies I used:

DIY Chunky Yarn Tree

The cones came from Walmart, but I know Hobby Lobby has them too. I wanted taller ones, but they were out of stock when I went (just a reason to go back and make MORE soon)!

DIY Chunky Yarn Tree

The chunky yarn is also from Walmart! I used this on a couple of my trees this year too and knew it would be great for a DIY as well.

DIY Chunky Yarn Tree

I used little spools for the “Trunk” of my tree. But you could honestly make these without a stump as well.

First step…simply take your chunky yarn and hot glue a little section at the bottom. Then simply start wrapping it around, gluing as you go and working your way up the tree.

DIY Chunky Yarn Tree

When I got the top I tried to make my foam a little more “pointy” and I just cut the yarn off and glued it down on what would be the backside of these.

DIY Chunky Yarn Tree

I took those little spools and painted them brown, then made a small hole at the bottom of the foam so I could hot glue them “inside” the foam a bit.

DIY Chunky Yarn Tree

For one of them, I glued 2 spools together to make it taller than the first one. Here’s how they turned out! What do you think?!

DIY Chunky Yarn Tree

You could use so many different types and colors of yarn on these as well. The possibilities are endless and I challenge you to make some and put your own twist on them too!

This video went crazy over on FB, so if you want to go watch that you can do so HERE!

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  1. Cheryl Harry

    So cute ❣ Love them…. Wishing you and your family a Merry CHRISTmas and a Happy New Years. ?☃️??⛄❣??? Kacy Harry

  2. Susan Aleman

    The trees are so adorable.

  3. Paula

    Love this idea! Thank you

  4. Sally Aliano

    Beautiful! Easy to make I’ll try them. Thank you!??❤❤❤???????????