DIY Faux Birchwood Vase for less than $2!

Does anyone else love all things birch in the winter?! Birch logs are my favorite thing to put on my fireplace hearth in a little basket with some winter greens! 

Here are a couple of pictures of what I’ve done with birch logs! You can buy your own little bundle here! 

using birchwood in your winter decor is so cute!

Beyond that, I love any type of birchwood décor too! Sometimes it can be harder to find, or even a little pricey. That’s why when I saw this scrapbook paper from Hobby Lobby I knew I needed to do something with it! 

This easy DIY faux birchwood vase cost me less than $2 to make and is the perfect addition to my winter décor! Anyone can do this! 


DIY Faux birchwood vase for under $2 with just a couple supplies

  • Birchwood scrapbook paper (mine came from Hobby Lobby- 4 sheets for $1…but you only need 1 per vase) 
  • Vase from the dollar tree (the size I used pictured below worked perfectly for one 12×12 sheet of scrapbook paper)
  • Double sided sticky tape

That’s literally it! This one is almost toooooo easy to share! But, I’m of course going to share it 🙂

I lined the paper up at the bottom and literally just rolled it. I then added my double sided sticky tape so that the tape wouldn’t show on the outside.DIY Faux birchwood vase for under $2, so easy and cute!

You can see the entire FB Live here where I made this craft. 

You could totally cut off the top and trim it to size, but I decided to just “shove it” down inside. It worked great and I knew I would be putting greenery in this faux birchwood vase anyways! (See the live for the demo on how I did this)

Add your favorite winter greenery you have on hand, and BOOM! You’ve got a cute DIY faux birchwood vase for under $2! DIY Faux birchwood vase for under $2, super cute for winter decor

The possibilities for this are ENDLESS! I think once winter has come and gone, I might make a buffalo check vase! Why not, right?! 

Let me know if you think you will be making one of these easy DIY faux birchwood vases too! 

Until next time…