DIY jute carrots for your Spring decor!

Give me all the bunny and all the carrot decor in Spring! Am I right?! I’m a sucker for both of these!

Today I’m sharing an easy way to make DIY jute carrots for your Spring decor! Sometimes I just love neutrals, and these give that perfect farmhouse vibe!

diy jute carrots

Here are some of the supplies I grabbed for this project!

supplies for DIY carrots

I started off with these foam cones from Walmart. I know you can get these other places like Hobby Lobby as well. Mine were 6 inches. You of course are going to need….jute!! (you could use other colors of course, but I was going for that natural look here)

jute for DIY carrots

My greenery came from hobby lobby, but get creative here and use what you have on hand!

I decided to use this Deco Art Americana paint in the color burlap to paint my cones with a light coat first. I did this because I knew there might be some “gaps” in my jute and I didn’t want that bright white to shine through.

brown paint for DIY carrots
painted cones for DIY

Next, I simply started wrapping the jute round and round. I started at the top and tied it to secure it, then got to wrapping. At the bottom- I pinched the foam to make it a little more pointed and hot glued my very last piece to secure it.

jute around foam cone

Greenery seemed like a fun (and farmhouse) way to add the stem to these jute carrots, so I just made a little hole with my scissors and shoved pieces of the pick down in there!

greenery for DIY jute carrtos

Last but not least, I bundled all 3 together and tied them up with some buffalo check ribbon!

ribbon around jute carrots

What do you think of how these jute carrots turned out?! I’m pretty in love! Here the are styled in a cute tray. I have a video of exactly how I made these if you want to check that out too!

DIY jute carrots
DIY jute carrots

Let me know if you think you’ll make some too! You can see how I ended up using them in my home in my entry way too!

Until next time…



  1. MARISA Waid

    So cute.. Where did you get the bunny sign?

    • Stacey Collins

      The one in the wreath is from hobby lobby!

  2. bunnie lenz

    I love it. The brown carrots match the brown bunny!!

  3. Stella Daugherty

    They look great will have to make me some. You are so creative with all your crafts Stacey. Love?