DIY planter box with greenery

I’m a sucker for some cute greenery, and when I can combine my love for that with a DIY project…that’s a win in my book!

This DIY planter box with greenery is a great project for any time of year and can be customized to fit your own personal color scheme!

DIY planter box

It all started with something I saw at HomeGoods a while back, and I had one of those “I can make that” moments! So, that’s what I did…but in a totally different way!

I found this cute little wood piece from Hobby Lobby in the woodpile section and knew it would be perfect.

DIY planter box

For the greenery, I just got a mixture of small stems (also from Hobby Lobby) and some floral foam that would fit down inside.

DIY planter box
DIY planter box

Black and white tend to be my go to colors for classic everyday decor, but you could of course paint it ANY color you would like!

I also found this leather craft lace in the jewelry section and grabbed it for this project too.

DIY planter box

Next up…I went live. Lol If you want to see the replay of me making this DIY planter box step by step you can!

I painted it mostly black, and 2 of the triangles white.

DIY planter box

For a fun little accent, I added a couple strips of the leather!

Last but not least, I arranged my greenery stems down in the floral foam until I got it the way I wanted!

Easy, peasy! And yes, I also made the focus on the good sign with a printable that is exclusive to my decorating and creating community group too!

DIY planter box

And how cute does it look styled on this shelf?!

DIY planter box

I really love this! Next I want to make a DIY planter with a galvanized container I also grabbed from Hobby Lobby!

Maybe I’ll do that this Spring with some Spring flowers! The possibilities are endless!

Hope you’re inspired to make one too!

Until next time…