Dollar Tree Calendar Sign- An easy craft!

So, these little Dollar Tree calendars have been ALLLLL the rage lately! People are buying them up and using them for crafts…which really is so cute!

This Dollar Tree calendar sign is an easy DIY project that anyone can do, and you could do it with ANY of the calendar pages!

Dollar Tree calendar sign DIY

This is the calendar I picked for this project, because I knew I wanted to use the pumpkin for Fall. But…I also knew I wanted to put a twist on it!

I started off with this sign from the dollar tree because it was square and the perfect size to act as my “surface” for this project.

Dollar Tree calendar sign DIY

Next, I took 4 of these little paint sticks (I ordered them from Amazon HERE) and stained them with Waverly antique wax. You could also use watered down brown paint to get this look.

Dollar Tree calendar sign DIY

I then used mod podge to adhere my calendar to the surface. I’ll be honest, I went a little crazy with it and used too much which caused some bubbles. BUT…no worries!

Dollar Tree calendar sign DIY

My next idea was going to make it look like it was meant to be that way with all the extra “texture” of the bubbles. I took some Waverly chalk paint in the color agave and did super light brush strokes all over the pumpkin to make myself a little blue pumpkin! I WAS BECOMING OBSESSED!

Dollar Tree calendar sign DIY

Once I was done with that, I simply hot glued my paint sticks on to make them look like a frame. Super quick and easy!

Dollar Tree calendar sign DIY

Last but not least, I took the little mesh tube from Dollar Tree and made a bow on the pumpkin AND I used the same thing for a hanger on the back.

Dollar Tree calendar sign DIY

What do you think of my twist on this project?! I really love how it turned out and I hope you do too! Don’t forget you could get this same look with ANY of the Dollar Tree calendar pages! And if you use less mod podge than me, you’ll have less bubbles. Ha!

Dollar Tree calendar sign DIY
Dollar Tree calendar sign DIY

Until next time…



  1. Beth

    It turned out great! Adding the color makes it pop and totally changes the look!

  2. Karen

    The aqua color absolutely makes this sign pop. You have made a beautiful version of the pumpkin sign. Bless you.

  3. Valerie


  4. Ocia Fromme

    I Love that, the colors are beautiful ??? You have a way to make anything you do turn out just awesome. I have that calendar and can’t wait to craft mine ???

  5. Tish

    Love it I musdt try this craft.

  6. Judy Hoffenberger

    It is beautiful! The bubbles add texture to your blue pumpkin. You did a super job. Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. Missy

    I can’t wait to try this!

  8. Chris Macumber

    ❤️ the little additions! Perfect!

  9. Ruth safrit

    turned out so pretty, with the extra touches you did. Great job. love it.

  10. Deb

    Love it. Now to find those darn Calendars. Lol

  11. Linda

    I love it!!

  12. Dawn Molacek

    Stacey, I love the added touch to the white pumpkin from the Be brave calendar. I have that calendar and the blue you added to the pucture is my accent color for my fall decor. I am going to try to create it for myself. Hope it turns out!

  13. Jan

    Darling project! Love the color combinations!

  14. Tina

    That turned out so great. Love the aqua color

  15. Vaneesa

    I absolutely love this you always have the best ideas and give us so much inspiration. Thank you!

  16. Patti Reed

    Love what you did with this Stacy! I wish I was more confident in my painting skills 😀

  17. Beverly

    I love it

  18. Julie

    Did you apply a 2nd coat of mod podge over the top of calendar? Or over the paint?

    • Stacey Collins

      No I didn’t on this project!