Dollar Tree DIY! Make a cute fall wreath for $3!

Who doesn’t love a good Dollar Tree DIY every now and again?! If you can make something cute out of cheap, then you are doing pretty good in the crafting world!

This Dollar Tree DIY Fall wreath is cheap, cute and so versatile! I’ll show you how to make it and my favorite way to style it! Dollar Tree DIY- how to make a cute fall wreath for only $3!

I bought one of the small willow wreaths from Dollar Tree…for $1 of course! Dollar Tree DIY- Make a cute Fall Wreath for $3

They also had these cute little pumpkins in a 3 pack. They came with little clips on the back, which actually worked perfect for this craft! Dollar Tree DIY- Make a cute Fall Wreath for $3

The sunflowers I had on hand, but they do sell those at Dollar Tree too! So, you could literally get everything you need there for this Dollar Tree DIY for just $3! Woo-hoo!

I broke down the pieces of the sunflower stems so that they were shorter and I could just stick them right in between the pieces of the wreath. You could use hot glue here to secure them even more, but you may not have to! Dollar Tree DIY- Make a cute Fall Wreath for $3

Then I simply took the pumpkins and clipped them right onto the wreath. How simple is that?! Dollar Tree DIY- Make a cute Fall Wreath for $3

There are so many ways you could use these little guys, but the first thing that came to my mind was to use them on the back of your kitchen or dining room chairs. SO, I wrapped some buffalo check ribbon around it and tied it to my chair to see. How stinking cute does that look?!  Dollar Tree DIY- Make a cute Fall Wreath for $3


Now I just need to make 5 more…haha!

Dollar Tree DIY- Make a cute Fall Wreath for $3

You could also hang these from your kitchen cabinets! Or last year I made a porch board sign and used one very similar to this, see how it looks on my sign here! 

What are your ideas on where you could use this Dollar Tree DIY? The nice thing about it also is that you can literally customize to just about anything to make it fit your décor!

Let me know if you think you might give this one a try! I think you should 🙂 Happy Crafting!

Until next time…

~ Stacey