Fall front porch with cascading pumpkins

Happy Fall Y’all! Today my front porch pumpkin dreams came true!

Come see my Fall front porch with cascading pumpkins, mums and all the Fall things! Hope it inspires you today!

Fall front porch cascading pumpkins

I have drooled every time I’ve ever seen a picture of front steps with a bunch of cascading pumpkins, so when we moved into our new house this past Spring…I just KNEW I was going to have to make my fall front porch pumpkin dreams come true!

Off to the nursery Anthony and I went to load up 2 carts and the back of his truck. I had so much fun picking them all out, and while I didn’t need the pumpkins to “match” perfectly…I did have a plan!

Fall front porch cascading pumpkins

I tried to get pumpkins that were similar in color in sets of 2, that way I could kind of mimic the look on each side. You DO NOT have to do this, but for my symmetrical brain it just helped.

Fall front porch cascading pumpkins
Fall front porch cascading pumpkins

In between the pumpkins I added some smaller mums (that I’m really hoping I can keep alive)! I do NOT have a green thumb! Anyone else in that boat with me?

They sure do look pretty now though and I’m loving them!

Up top on my fall front porch, I’ve got 2 fall wreaths on my door that I got at Kirkland’s! You can get the fall wreaths here!

Fall front porch cascading pumpkins

I ended up layering 3 rugs on the porch and I really like the look. I’ve had all of them for a while now (pumpkin is from Kirklands last year I think)

In my big planters next to the door I have 2 big mums and I love the pop they bring!

Fall front porch cascading pumpkins

It was fun to mix and match all the different color pumpkins and mums this year! To me, this just screams HELLO FALL!

Fall front porch cascading pumpkins

What do you think?! Are you loving the look of the cascading pumpkins?!

Until next time…



  1. Lynda Craft Kerr

    Looks beautiful!! Love your wreaths and the mums are such a beautiful color!

  2. Mary M Braunlich

    I love the simplicity yet elegant design!

  3. Linda Smith

    Absolutely stunning Stacey πŸπŸ‚

  4. Dawn

    Love, Love, Love it!

  5. Becky Hill

    Ever so pretty. Magazine-worthy for sure!

  6. Chris

    Love it all so much!!!

  7. Jennifer Lea

    Gorgeous!!!! my dream too – your white brick is just yummy! If your mums die, go for good faux. πŸ™‚

  8. Brenda Duncan

    I think it is so beautiful! It definitely screams Fall.

  9. Leslie Tabor

    Love love love!! Layering the rugs was so creative too. I want to come visit your house!

  10. Pam Dvorak

    It looks amazing!!! You are amazing!!!Happy Fall!πŸπŸŒ»πŸ‚

  11. Valerie Arnett

    Stacey I love the look on your front porch from your choice of the pumpkins to the mums ! I never thought of layering my rugs! What great idea!

  12. Louann Carol

    Omg I love it you did beautiful job as always. I love your decor inside and out πŸ€—πŸ©·

  13. Maria Cruz

    Fabulous beautiful love it

  14. Diane Andrews

    So are there 20? I can’t remember what I guessed but it was something like that. It looks so good! I love the mix of colors and sizes and the way you layered them πŸ‘

  15. azcarmela

    So beautiful! Has a cool fall feeling all the way up the steps!

  16. Vicki Nicolaisen

    How do you keep your mums looking good? Mine are pretty much done for already. Makes me so sad.

  17. Peggy

    It’s beautiful Stacey, I know you must be loving your new beautiful home and all the new decorating you’ve done. Happy fall!

  18. Brenda Hill

    So pretty!

  19. Autumn

    So pretty!

  20. Shelia Faruolo

    You will do great with your mums. Keep them dead headed and pinch them way back after final blooms. I put my small ones by the mailbox and they look beautiful this year. The porch is awesome.
    Sweetie’s Creations & Decor (inspired by u)

  21. Christy Buchanan

    your first fall in your new house and you did not disappoint!!!
    it looks amazing!!!! congratulations

  22. Tina

    Your porch is simply beautiful!!! I love the mums. Oh and the door wreaths are amazing !!!!

  23. Xochitl Quintanilla

    Stunning!!!!! My heart just melted away as I watched everything. Love the colors, mums are so beautiful! I don’t think I’ve ever seen them that big. Where are your beautiful black tall pots from? Love every thing so much β€οΈπŸŽƒ thank you for sharing with us all πŸ‘πŸ»