Festive Easter centerpiece idea!

Hippity hoppity, Easter is on the way! Are you hosting this year and needing ideas for your home?! I’ve got you!

This festive Easter centerpiece idea is beyond adorable and will make your Easter celebration complete! Come check it out!

Festive Easter Centerpiece idea

If you have been around a little while, you may know that I am OBSESSED with the real touch tulips from Amazon. They come in several colors and are truly amazing for Spring!

I was at Walmart one day and decided to grab a glass vase (you may already have one on hand). Then I grabbed a couple of these smaller vases to go inside!

Festive Easter Centerpiece idea

Tip: You can definitely use just one vase inside, they just didn’t have the size I needed. But you want the inner vase to be shorter than the big one AND you want to have enough room for your flowers inside and your filler around the edges.

Next I grabbed some bags of Cadbury eggs. I could only find the small mini ones and ended up using about 8 bags. How many you need will depend on the size of your vase.

Festive Easter Centerpiece idea

Pro tip: Buy more than you think you will need and eat whatever is left. haha!

You can ABSOLUTELY substitute these for your candy of choice! “Generic” brand eggs, jellybeans, etc.

The rest is SUPER simple!

Festive Easter Centerpiece idea
  1. Set smaller vase (or vases) down inside large vase.
  2. Fill with cadbury eggs until you get almost to the top of the inner vase.
  3. Add real touch tulips (or flowers of choice) to inner vases.
  4. Finish by adding some more eggs to fill in almost to the top.
Festive Easter Centerpiece idea
Festive Easter Centerpiece idea

That’s it! You’ve now created a festive Easter centerpiece that’s cute enough to eat! People will LOVE this and it could also make a great hostess gift if you aren’t hosting!

Festive Easter Centerpiece idea

What do ya think?! Pretty adorable, right?!

Also- please note: This is something I would do pretty close to Easter and not leave out for weeks. A) Because your family might be tempted to eat from the vase. B) I am not sure if it would eventually attract ants lol

Hope it inspired you and HOPPY EASTER!!

Until next time…


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  1. Lynn Romines

    Love this idea. Already have all the things but MIGHT have to buy more candy.?

  2. Lilly Quattrochi

    Love ❤️ this idea. Tulips are beautiful.

  3. Beth Hales

    I just did this birthday sprinkles instead of cadbury eggs for a friends birthday. She love it! I also thought of Easter M&M’s too.

  4. Gayle Gigi Seldal

    I love this idea and Cadbury mini eggs are one of my favorite candies. It’s a beautiful centerpiece and the bunny plates are adorable.


    oHHHHH SOOOOO CUTE….Where did you find your sweet bunny plates please 🙂