Fresh flower tips for using yard and grocery store flowers in your home!

If you follow along with me closely you probably know that I do NOT have a green thumb. Quite the opposite really and I tend to be a plant and flower serial killer. It’s just not my thing and I can admit that.

But…here’s something you should know about me. I’m OBSESSED with having any type of fresh flower in my home. And I don’t need a big fancy bouquet from a florist to be happy. In fact, I would rather have it more simple.

I have some fresh flower tips on how you can use yard and grocery store flowers in your home that will just make you smile!

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Fresh flower tips for using yard and grocery store flowers in your home that will make you smile

To me, there is something about fresh flowers in a cute vase that just makes me smile. My husband could come home with a $5 bunch of grocery store flowers (hint, hint if you read this Anthony…haha!) and you would think he came home with diamond earrings I get so happy!

Here are some he got me for Mother’s Day that I arranged in a vase. Fresh flower tips for your home, grocery store arrangement

Here are my best fresh flower tips: (and these are NOT tips on how to keep them alive, because see above and the whole serial killer thing)

    1. Who made the rule that you can’t buy YOURSELF flowers?! I love to treat myself every now and then when I’m at the grocery store to some fresh flowers. Do you really need those 2 extra bags of potato chips? Put them back and put that $5 towards some flowers. It’s worth it!
    2.  Make it clear to your husband (or anyone who might buy you flowers) that you don’t need a dozen roses to be happy, a little small bundle of tulips from the local grocery store will make you just as happy!
    3.  Mix and Match! To get the look of a real florists bouquet, buy a few different kinds of flowers and make your own arrangement. This works especially well if you are having a party or want a pretty centerpiece, they will never know they were grocery store flowers!
    4.  Snip, snip to the yard you go! Now, as mentioned- I don’t have a green thumb. But…I do have a few things in our yard that I love to snip when the season comes. Peonies and hydrangeas are my favorites! You can enjoy your yard flowers both inside AND out now! Win, win!
    5.  Get ya some cute vases to keep on hand! A cute vase is a must to make you smile even more when arranging your flowers. All different shapes, sizes, colors, etc are great! See this blog post here for some of my favorites! 

Watch this short video, please!

Here are a few examples of fresh flowers I’ve used in my home recently.

Peonies from my yardFresh flower tips for your home, peonies from my yard in a cute vase

Grocery store flowers in a painted vase

Fresh flower tips for your home, grocery store flowers in a cute painted vase

Do fresh flowers make you as happy as they do me?! Yes, they don’t last forever like the faux…but for that short little window I look at mine and smile for sure!

Here are my first hydrangea snips of this season! I’m in LOVE with this blue color and couldn’t wait to put them in my goodwill vase and enjoy!

Bailey thought they were for her 🙂 

Fresh flower tips for your home, cutting hydrangeas and golden retriever

I love how they pop on my table! 

Fresh flower tips for your home, hydrangeas from yard on kitchen table

Go get ya some fresh flowers from your yard or local grocery store and treat yourself! YOU DESERVE IT!

Until next time…

~ Stacey


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  1. Kim Lorance

    I light up when my husband brings me flowers from the grocery store too! There is just something about flowers that brings me joy.