Sentimental furniture makeover! The magic of paint on a Sunday afternoon!

We probably all have those pieces in our homes. The ones that have been passed down from parents, grandparents, great grandparents, etc. Some may be so beautiful that you would never touch them with a 10 foot pole. And…

Well, some just need some love! They may not be your style, colors, taste, etc. And some just need a furniture makeover! You know I’ve always loved painting furniture and the magic of how a little paint can truly transform a piece.

I have this little piece that was my grandmothers. It had it’s first furniture makeover a few years ago when I painted it cream and brown for her! It was so special to paint it for her then, and it was even more special when she passed it back on to me after she moved and couldn’t take it with her.

Furniture makeover with paint from cream and brown to a more updated look

It’s been in a few places in our home, but it never has really been “my colors.” It became one of those projects that I knew I wanted to do, but kept putting off for no real reason.

One Sunday afternoon, I decided it was time to give this piece the furniture makeover it deserved! My assistant and I got fast to work!Furniture makeover with paint


I decided to go with a deep Navy because anything in the blue family reminds me of my grandmother (And my mom!). Navy is a great “neutral” that still gives you that sense of color. For the top, I did gray with a white wash finish for a little contrast.

I used a custom Mix of Blackberry House paint Sunday Suit (Navy) and Cast Iron Skillet (black) to get the dark shade of Navy I was wanting.

Furniture makeover with Blackberry House paint

I’m super happy with my Sunday afternoon furniture makeover! And yes, this piece is just as sentimental to me now as it was before! It’s just paint…and paint can always be changed!

furniture makeover with paint, taking this sentimental accent cheste from cream and brown to navy and gray!

What do you think? Do you love the changes as much as I do?! And thanks to everyone who voted on my FB page on colors. There were a few who said Navy, so you win! Haha!


Furniture makeover on a sentimental piece, from brown and cream to navy and gray!

What sentimental pieces do you own?! Have any of them gotten a furniture makeover?

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Until next time…

~ Stacey