Gifts that are sure to be a hit with all you decor loving Mom’s. Find out 10 of my favorites in this easy gift guide for Mother’s Day!

This one is for all the mama’s out there! Mother’s Day is around the corner, and as we all know…mommin’ ain’t easy. If you are a mom, you deserve all the praise, all the awards and all the gifts and pretties in life. Am I right?!

Take my little Mother’s Day guide and either buy gifts for your own Mama if this is her style, OR better yet…SEND THIS LINK TO YOUR HUSBAND OR KIDS! Make it easy for them, and send the link. Then, they can click on the links. Tell them to do eeny, meeny, miny, moe if they can’t decide. Should be easy enough!

Ahh, gifts. So, the million dollar question around here when any holiday approaches is… “What do you want for Mother’s Day? What do you want for your Birthday? How about for Christmas?” You catch my drift. Lots of men need help in this department, and that is OK. Those guys are probably good at lots of other things 🙂

My boys are old enough now that my Husband usually takes them shopping to pick something out for me, which is always so sweet and usually involves some kind of heart shaped jewelry. Sweet boys. But, my husband always picks out a thing or two for me as well- which is where this list comes into play!

So, here is my quick Mother’s Day Guide of 10 gifts that I personally would love to have for Mother’s Day, (HINT, HINT, HUBBY IF YOU ARE READING…WHICH YOU SHOULD BE!!) I hope you will like them too!gifts


Lets all talk about how many brownie points our husbands would get if they ordered us something from MAGNOLIA MARKET?!?! I’m obsessed with this little Vintage Seltzer Crate!

Vintage Seltzer CrategiftsAnd this sugar mold would be perfect on a long farmhouse or dining room table, or even a big kitchen island!

Magnolia Market Sugar Moldgifts

I’m pretty sure everyone needs a Magnolia Wreath, JoJo uses these in almost all of her homes!

Magnolia wreathgifts

Moving on to Pottery Barn. I am LOVING this throw and it comes in a few different colors. Everyone needs a good throw or two or three in their life!

Pottery Barn Throwgifts

I love these little tin buckets! They have several with different sayings, and you can’t go wrong with any of them. Perfect for hosting parties this Spring and Summer!

Rustic Tin Bucketgifts

Lanterns are great décor to add to just about any room in your house, or even outdoor living spaces. I love these glass lanterns with the floating candles!

Floating candle lanterngifts

This little set of 3 natural wood candle sticks is perfect and would fit in with any décor scheme!

3 piece Candle Sticksgifts

Hello there cute little milk can from Kirklands!!

Cream Milk Can Vasegifts

Ok, so I already own this one…but I think you should also! This sets on my fireplace hearth and I LOOOOVE it! Good news for my hubby is that this list just went down to only 9 options to choose from for me! 😉

Distressed White Vasegifts

 Y’all know I heart a tiered tray, and this is one is too cute! This is pretty much the gift that keeps on giving, because you have an excuse to buy things all throughout the year to fill up your cute little tray. Win, win!!

3 Tiered TraygiftsWhich one would y’all pick if you could have just one? Lets face it though, we deserve ALL the pretty things above! 🙂 Share this link with your hubby now, OR take it into your own hands and tell him you just ordered your own Mother’s Day gift!

Either way, I hope all you Mom’s out there have an amazing day and are pampered like you should be!

Until next time~


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