Hand painted Watermelon Door Hanger

Who else loves Watermelon in the Summer?! I love to eat it and apparently I love to paint it too, because I sure did have fun with this one!

This hand painted watermelon door hanger was easy to do and will make a super cute addition to your Summer porch this year!

summer watermelon sign on black door

I started off with this blank wooden watermelon that came from Hobby Lobby. It was in their Spring shop section and I just knew I had to have it!

wood watermelon

Of course I knew I was going to need some red and green paint, so I just grabbed a few colors I had on hand and started painting! I always love the colors and coverage of the Deco Art Americana paint from Hobby Lobby.

You can see some of the ways I blended my paint, mixed colors, etc. in this video right here! You can truly just get creative with this part and make it exactly how you would like it!

For the seeds, I opted to use a paint pen just because I felt like I had more control over them that way. It worked out really well!

watermelon diy

I couldn’t just leave it at that, so I added a summer printable to the top and a burlap flower embellishment as well. They were both the perfect touch if you ask me!

watermelon DIY

What do ya think of this hand painted watermelon DIY project?! Pretty summery and pretty cute…right?! Let me know if you think you’ll try painting one too!

Summer watermelon painted sign with burlap flower hanging on brick wall

Until next time…



  1. Sharron S Busch

    Very cute

  2. Judy

    It is precious! I love it! Thanks for the idea!

  3. Kimberly thompson

    Really cute ?

  4. Pam

    This is super cute. Really like the added touch of the burlap flower with the button ❤️ Wish I knew how to make one of those just like it. Such a cute addition

  5. Mary

    Really cute ?I love to ear watermelon also!

  6. Mary

    Really cute ?I love to eat watermelon also!

  7. Faye

    Where do you get your paint pens?

    • Stacey Collins

      Hobby Lobby!

  8. Renee Bower

    Hi! I love this Watermelon door hanger! I am not good at blending colors. I am looking forward to watching the video but I can’t figure out which picture to click on for the video. Help please . And thank you.

    • Stacey Collins

      Here you go!https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=289126972824219