How to make copper pumpkins in a few easy steps!

I saw these little copper pumpkins at TJMaxx and it inspired me! I had ZERO plans of using Copper this fall until I saw them, and then it was game on! You know I had to add a little DIY to the mix too!

I’m going to show you how to make Copper Pumpkins in a few easy steps. This will add instant warmth and character to your fall decor!How to make copper pumpkins in a few easy steps!

The thing I love about Copper is that I’m not a huge orange person for fall (or traditional fall colors at all for that matter). Copper brings a certain warmth that orange brings without feeling like “pumpkin orange.” For me, it’s the perfect compromise!

I started out with some foam pumpkins from Walmart. You can get these in all sizes ranging from 98 cents to $5.98. Just pick the size that works for you! (I also did a couple of the mini dollar tree pumpkins too)How to make copper pumpkins in a few easy steps!

I used this Waverly metallic paint from Walmart in the color…Copper! I love that it has just enough sheen to make them look like shiny copper pumpkins! The one I got from TJMaxx is sitting here right next to these before I painted them. How to make copper pumpkins in a few easy steps!

I simply painted the pumpkins (2 coats) and let them dry. I took out the old stems and just put in little cinnamon sticks for the new stems and tied some jute around them to finish them off.

QUICK TIP! I put a toothpick in the bottom of the pumpkins and then turned a solo cup upside down and put the other end of it into the cup. This made painting these a breeze and easy to spin as you go!  How to make copper pumpkins in a few easy steps!

I also wanted to try something with just some copper accents, so I had an idea for that too!

I painted this pumpkin in Waverly Silver lining chalk paint from Walmart and then I did a dry brush technique with the Copper over it! It turned out simply gorgeous! Don’t ya think?!How to make copper pumpkins in a few easy steps!

You can see the FB live here where I did this in case you need tips on dry brushing!

I love the way these turned out and I can’t wait to use them in my home this fall. These little babies started a domino effect though.  I thought I would use them in my entry and then quickly decided I also needed some copper pumpkins in my living room! (So stay tuned for that reveal) How to make copper pumpkins in a few easy steps!

Are you going to incorporate copper pumpkins anywhere this year? If so, I hope you will give these a try!

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  1. Carol Byrd

    I am definitely going to try the copper pumpkins

  2. Chandra

    The pumpkins are too cute! Going to paint some this week but I am going to do them in pink- two different shades of pink!!

  3. Sharon

    Love, love. I like copper and used some last year. I will definitely add more this Fall. Thanks for the inspiration! Great job!

  4. Sheila

    What did you do with all the buffalo check pumpkins you had last year?

    • Stacey Collins

      I’m using them in my entry way bench, mudroom area and kitchen!