Learn how to decorate with confidence in 2018 in our Happy Everyday Home 6 week course

I hope I have inspired you here on the blog this past year to truly love the space in which you live. Home is a place that should be a reflection of you and a place you enjoy being EVERY DAY!

Don’t just be inspired by things you see here. Take the next step and LEARN from me. Learn how to decorate with confidence in 2018. You may not think you have the skills it takes to make your home beautiful, but I promise you can!

My goal is to teach others how to decorate, which is why I am launching a fun 6 week course…Happy Everyday Home! We will focus on all things home décor.happy everyday home. learn how to decorate with confidence in 2018. decorating e course

The first of the year is a GREAT time to start some projects around your house. You know that feeling when all of your Christmas décor is down and things just don’t look the same? If you are like me, you start getting the itch for a switch!

You might start thinking about what kind of changes you want to make to your home or what projects you want to do. Whether you are about to start one, want to start one, think you will ever start one, or just want a refresher on some tips and tricks…this course is for you! ANYONE can benefit from this.

The course content will kick off on January 2nd, but you can sign up now here during the PRE SALE to secure your spot and get the best savings! You will get $10 off PLUS a free bonus video on how to decorate your tree with ribbon. (Normally $57, but $47 if you sign up from Dec. 14th-19th)

Is someone asking you want you want for Christmas and you don’t have ideas…send them this! This would be perfect to gift TO someone or to get FROM someone. Don’t you agree?

Here is a breakdown of what we will be doing each week… (Remember, we will start this January 2nd after the Holidays are behind us all. Plus, January is a great time to focus on your home!)

Week One- Discovering your decorating style

Week Two- Getting organized with our love it or leave it system

Week Three AND Four- Decorating 101- Tips and Tricks of the trade that will build your confidence

Week Five- Share a room! Share one room in your home and get my advice and feedback (this week alone will be worth the entire cost of the course!!)

Week Six- Shopping secrets and Wrap up

Once you sign up you will be emailed a document that has the link to join the private FB group. Request to join there and I will accept you. Easy, peasy!

Learn how to decorate with confidence in 2018 in our 6 week ecourse. Happy Everyday Home

If you have any questions at all, please leave them for me in the comments! If not…don’t hesitate and SIGN UP HERE NOW!

Can’t wait to have a blast with y’all in 2018!

~ Stacey