My lemon inspired Summer Tiered Tray! How to pick a theme and run with it!

I say it over and over, but my  tiered tray is TRULY one of my favorite things to change out for all the Seasons! It’s like a fun little hunt to find the perfect little additions at a CHEAP price! Why cheap?

In order for me to justify switching this up so much, I try and keep it as cheap as possible. Shop your home, shop the Target Dollar Bin and anywhere else that has cute and cheap seasonal décor!

The theme is the MOST important part of a tray and will give you a starting point you can run with. This year I wanted to go with a lemon theme! Here is my thought process when planning a tray…

  1. What is my theme? I pick one and run with it!
  2. What do I already have I can use? Grab items and start playing with them!
  3. What do I still need? Goes to stores where you can find stuff for cheap! (Target Dollar Spot is always a fav!)

Once I’ve planned, I get to work creating. I make sure I have different heights, colors and textures.


My lemon inspired Summer Tiered Tray, how to pick a theme and run with it!

A staple in almost all of my tiered trays is a small seasonal sign from my friend Stacey at Anchored Soul Designs! You can follow her to see everything in her cute shop! They are the perfect size and I pick my favorite that goes with my theme or season.lemon sign for lemon inspired summer tiered tray

This summer it was all about the infamous yellow fruit…the lemon!

My biggest score were these cute Melamine plates for my table and the 3 glasses in the tray from DOLLAR GENERAL! I spent $8 total on the plates and a whopping $3 on the glasses! They were the perfect addition to this look and the blue was the perfect color to compliment the yellow in the lemon. lemon summer tiered tray with cute melamine plates

I already had the lemons and I snipped some flowers from my front yard to put in the blue mason jar that I already owned. So easy and cheap to put together!

My lemon inspired Summer Tiered Tray!

My lemon inspired Summer Tiered Tray decor

My tiered tray is no longer available, but here are some cute ones I found on Amazon!


Do you have a tiered tray? How did you style yours for Summer? Don’t forget that picking a theme is the most important thing you MUST do! It will help give you a starting point that you can run with!


My lemon inspired tiered tray, what you must do when styling one

Until next time…

~ Stacey

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