4 ways to make money online with your decorating business!

If you’ve landed on this post, then my guess is that you are a decorator, designer or interior stylist who is interested in moving your business ONLINE! I get you, girl! I was there too just last year!

In this online world we live in, I was trying to figure out how helping people decorate could fit into that space too! My heart and my passion is to be able to help people from ALL over learn to love their homes and decorate with confidence. I was getting messages from people all over who wanted my help and advice.

It was killing me to not be able to help them the way I wanted to. I knew there had to be a way to help them. And there had to be a way to make money online by doing so!

4 ways to make money online with your decorating business

E-Design was the main thing I had heard of before, which I think is great. But…I wanted something more. I wanted to also build a community of ladies who liked to decorate, just like me!

That’s exactly what I did! I have now had 2 online decorating courses, and currently have a monthly membership group which is my Decorating Community. I am able to help women from all over with their homes, which is my true passion! As a bonus, I am also making money online doing what I love!

I have written an E-Book for other decorators and designers who are interested in learning more about this and the options out there. This beginners guide will give you all the basics to get you thinking outside the box and making your online plan!

In this E-Book I will go over:
My 3 best tips for what to do in your business BEFORE taking it online
How to know when you are ready to move online
4 ways to take your decorating business online (and make money online doing so!)
Knowing which options are best for you
Where to start and planning your online content
My story about moving online and the changes I’ve made

As a bonus to you, I’m also throwing in an extra section just on Membership Groups. This is the number one thing I get asked about, so I wanted to give you some of my best tips and tricks!

How to take your decorating business online, an e-book guide

Here is a “sneak peek” from the E-Book….
Whether you are an official interior designer or a self taught stylist or decorator, it doesn’t matter! Joanna Gaines doesn’t have a degree in design, and you don’t need one either!
If you have an eye, talent and love for decorating, that is enough! If you have people that follow and respect you for that love of decorating, that’s half the battle. If you have a love for helping others truly love their home and create beautiful spaces, then you are on the right track to taking your decorating business online!
The world we are living in now is so online driven. Everything we do can be done online, so why not decorating too? This was the question I was asking myself last year.
Since then, I have moved a lot of my decorating business online and haven’t looked back! I’ve learned a lot along the way and I want to share with you some ways you can take your decorating business online and what needs to be done BEFORE you do so!


If you are ready to take your decorating business online and to the next level, then I encourage you to read this. Get those ideas flowing and then start taking action towards creating an online business you love and one where you can help people love their homes!
Once you checkout, the E-book will be emailed over to you to the email you use at checkout. It will be in PDF format and is yours to keep and read on your own time! Make sure you save it!





How to make money online with your decorating business