My home decor goals for the new year!

We have entered a brand new year and that always brings feelings of starting fresh, clean slates, resolutions, goals, words of the year and more! But today I want to talk about one thing that’s on my heart!

I have some home decor goals for the new year! May sound a little crazy, but they are already bringing me joy…so this is worth a read!

Home decor goals for the new year

Let me explain. When I started taking my Christmas down in my living room, I was very ready to have this room back to normal. Is it always bittersweet? OF COURSE!

But…I decorate so early (Because remember this is my job afterall), that by the time it was said and done I was just ready. And that’s ok…to each their own!

But, as I started to pull things out of the room I decided I wanted everything but the furniture GONE!!! Even if I thought I would put it right back in the room, I moved it all out. (Aka shoved it into another room for now)

I wanted a total clean slate to start the new year and my decorating! Thought I was kidding? Exhibit A. lol

home decor goals for the new year

Let me tell you what happened within just one day of doing this. I sat there and stared at my empty room and it felt new again. It felt like I could do anything I wanted with the decor and I really thought about what made ME happy! Not what anyone else wanted me to do or wanted to see, but what I wanted.

I knew for me this not only meant everyday decor (and my love for black and white), but it meant bringing back something that I had gotten away from…PICTURES OF MY FAMILY!

This is almost hard to admit to everyone, but somewhere along the way I lost myself a bit in this whole “blogging business.” Thinking that everything had to be picture perfect and when you look at big home bloggers, you rarely see pictures sitting around…sad but true.

In fact, I’ve gotten horrible about even having pictures printed! Anyone else struggle with this? But, I had some recent ones printed, used some old frames I had, did a DIY one and bought a few new and got to framing!

Here are just a few spots that I’ve incorporated pictures so far. There will be more to come for sure! These bring me joy because my family is my joy!!

And of course my business and all the amazing people in my life because of my business is super important to me too!

Another goal I have is be more intentional about sharing the REAL LIFE stuff with you too. The last thing I want is for you to land on my page or blog and think “her house is always so clean” or “she’s got it all together.” Because that is truly FAR from the truth.

I will always be here to inspire and give you ideas, and that of course includes all the pretty and perfectly styled spaces. But I will be more intentional about sharing some of the messes along the way too!

What do ya think about my home decor goals?! Are y’all on board and along for the ride?! I’m excited for the fun ahead!

I’ll share more soon of my everyday living room, my winter entry ways and who knows what else! But for now, I wanted to share this with you.

Please always do what brings you JOY in your home! I will of course still decorate for all the seasons because that truly brings me joy too! But…I will find ways to incorporate these family pictures that mean so much to me too!

Until next time…



  1. Deanna Thomas

    I love all you do for us,the printable are great,I just don’t post to much.but love your rooms .keep up the great work

  2. Dawn Powers

    I love this blog! I took all my decorations down and thought the exact same thing. I pulled out pictures of my kids and grandkids and I Love it!!
    Happiness to you and your family in 2022!!

  3. Brenda

    That’s a great thought. I love the way you used your pictures of loved ones. You can decorate in great style and still have those who are special to you in the mix. You are an exceptional decorator and I can’t wait to see all you have for 2022. Thank you Stacey and Happy New Year! ♥️ ?♥️

  4. Janice

    Ty so much for the inspiration you have given me . I struggle every day with all the things. You bring me great joy and laughter. Thanks for all you do ! Hugs ?

  5. Cheryl

    I love your idea. I love seeing pictures of your family and all the stories you tell us. It makes us feel like we are part of your family. You are a very special lady.

  6. Verda Winchel

    I have a large stereo cabinet about 40″ tall 72″ wide and 24″ deep. I keep family photos on it and at Christmas I put my Christmas village on it. I love my family photos.

  7. Kristie Ryal

    I love it!!! Family is the heart of the home! I love how real you are!

  8. Maureen Riley

    I ❤️❤️❤️ That you admitted that you are human and sometimes messes happen. I have made the mistake of thinking that your rooms are perfect and thinking why can’t I be more like Stacey. I love that you are going to let us into your Real World. Thank you, Stacey, maybe I won’t be so hard on my self about the messes in my home.

    • Stacey Collins

      Please never think that again! lol. Don’t be hard on yourself and I can’t wait to show everyone even more of the REAL this year!

  9. Joyce A. Kopenski

    One of the things that has drawn me to you is your ability to be so real. This blog posts only solidify that for me. We are selling our house right now ad one of the things they tell you early on is no personal touches. I can’t tell you how I miss my family pictures. So glad you’ve found you joy again!

  10. Cathy

    Love a clean slate. So many possibilities. This year is going to be fun and inspiring. Let the fun begin

  11. Beverly Charvella

    Thank you for sharing. Your home and family are beautiful and you inspire me as we are getting ready to build our new modern farmhouse home. I am going to take your lead when decorating it because all you do brings me joy.

  12. Diana

    Beautiful! Always a good thing to start with a clean slate and let the artistic juices flow! Thank you for being YOU! Mucho hugs!

  13. Tanna Boss

    Love this! You’ve got my head spinning.

  14. Debra

    Pretty tree absolutely love it

  15. Linda

    I think this is fabulous! I love it! Our family is our life and have been getting back to putting more pictures around. Especially since my Mom passed away November 20 and my granddaughter got married November 26. A mix of emotions there! But continue on and be YOU! ?❤️

  16. Sandy

    Yes please show us a mess sometimes. I want mine to look picture perfect but rarely does.

  17. Mary Boeshore

    Love it and all you always do!

  18. Sharon Hoth

    All aboard!!!!! Sounds great. I love trying to make my home comfy. You are the engineer.

  19. Tonia

    Thanks for sharing your heart. Being ‘real’ is a good thing; and Family is everything… (second only to Jesus!)
    Many folks don’t have family… or are estranged from them.
    You have an adoring, awesome husband and aaaamaaaazing kids and a close, supportive extended family. You are blessed beyond measure. You’re a successful online businesswoman; have ‘paid your dues’ and DESERVE to do & decorate in ways that bring you joy! Have at it! Your customers & online followers will continue to be loyal.

    • Stacey Collins

      Gosh I truly appreciate these kind words SO much! Thank you!!

  20. Delores

    I too want to incorporate more family photos. The problem I have is getting photos?. Love they way you are displaying yours.

  21. Deb king

    I love that you are decorating using family pics! I have a lot of family pics and have slowly been replacing them with craft pieces. Thank you for sharing your decorating style to include those most precious to us!

  22. Toni Murray

    Love this ?
    Your home is beautiful and I absolutely love some of the DIY’s you come up with

  23. Mary Carnduff

    I think it will be wonderful in what you want it to look like. I can’t wait

  24. Decina

    Stacy, you are so genuine! I truly love the fact of how much your familyesns to you. Our daughter is 25 and will be married in April. I still have her baby picture up of her in her overalls, her senior picture, our family picture from 3 years ago. Now I have one of her and her fiancé up. I never want to forget what a precious gift family is. I love your page.

  25. Charlene

    Sounds great! I’ll look forward to seeing pictures! Family after all is where I find my pure JOY! I always enjoy watching you and look forward to following you in this new year! Charlene in South Carolina!

  26. Matilde

    Be yourself. We love you, so happy for you, 100 % support for your 2022 goals. Go girl you got these.❤❤❤❤ Happy New Year and blessings.

  27. Lisa

    I think that’s a great idea removing everything out of the room besides the furniture! Sometimes I feel I’ve boxed myself into a certain “look”. After awhile it gets stale and the room no longer brings joy.

  28. Kim Martin

    Makes you even more of the wonderful, kind-spirited, family-oriented person that you are! And it will show not only from your being but from your home. It’s a wonderful goal.

  29. Sue

    I’m loving your new ideas. I used to have pictures all over the house and got away from it and the memories. Now that I’m single and 64, I want to built new memories with my family and friends and thank you for being so real with us. Love my printables and the fun I have crafting. Your a blessing to a lot of us here.

  30. Xochitl Lizardi

    Hi Stacy. I’m with you 100% and totally understand. You must always do what makes you happy no matter what!! Your living room looks ready for an adventure already and I’m here waiting for those wonders ❤️ I love all your new ideas that make me a better decorator to anyone I assist with their home decor. I’m so looking forward to your new 2022 ideas and new decorations and colors. Bring it on my friend because I am ready too ❤️???⛄️??

  31. Kay Wall

    Your thoughts are what I’ve been thinking about for along time. I have to have pictures of my family on my walls. They are the best part of my life and bring me happiness

  32. Sally

    I just love this idea of emptying the room!! Why didn’t I think of that? It would be so fun to start over! I think Im going to give it a try. I’ll take pictures and share too. Ty for giving me the nudge and the nerve to give it a try!!

  33. Lisa Brooks

    I absolutely Love that you decided to do what makes you happy!
    My family is my whole world and I enjoy looking at all my family’s pictures and our memories even on days when they aren’t beside me! A house is not a home unless it brings you joy and happiness!

  34. Brenda

    That sounds wonderful Stacey. I can’t wait to see what you come up with. I need some inspiration myself.

  35. Deborah Mauricio

    I don’t blog or have a business like yourself. However, l totally understand where you are at this juncture. Having been raised a “southern” lady and everything being perfect, l have now in my mature years (68), found that it’s not important! I was already planning my clean slate as l finished with Christmas! I have done exactly what you blogged. Family photos and special treasures along with touches of the season. I am finding so much happiness by taking this route and not overwhelming my decor with any one thing. Enjoy your family and show them off ( good and bad)! Pray your 2022 will bring you peace, happiness, and tons of love!
    Deborah Mauricio

    • Stacey Collins

      Awwww….yes!! Thank you for this! happy new year!

  36. Sherry

    Proud of you Stacey and of course I’ll go on the ride with you ❤️❤️ I really hope you do some every day home decor projects. I don’t do much Valentines decor

  37. Lulu

    Yes yes yes! I do have alot of pictures incorporated through out my home. I stage certain areas but have always included my joy n love for my family n friends. I have a few friends I’ve had for fifty years n yes I have pics of us doing some fun n silly things. And yes give us your honest life we for sure give you ours. Thanks Lulu Moseley

  38. Connie R Miner

    I love you idea of removing everything out of the room prior to starting to decorate for the next season or even to get organized. The family photos are something I miss too. I used to scrapbook every life event and vacation, but have gotten away from that now, so my computer and phone files are full of pics I’ve totally forgotten about. If you could share some DIY framing ideas that would be great!!

  39. Velia Guajardo Codiga

    I love your goals. I too need to use pictures. I have many pictures that I take but do not print them. I need to do that.

  40. Debbie Brown

    I love ? this idea because it’s easy to get caught up in all the fun decorating idea’s and forget about family pictures and other things that get set aside to make room for new decorations.

  41. Maria Figueroa

    Stacey, I’m Soo EXCITED for You. You are an AMAZING Person and a BEAUTIFUL Person Inside and outside. If I’m not mistaken I have been watching and listening to You for a whole year. I really ENJOY and LOVE watching and listening to You. Especially during the Holidays. I have been very Fortunate to order your Decorate Your Door Willshire Collection boxes. I LOVE it!! When I watch and listen to You, I get a sense of Peace, and You bring me Soo much joy. Again…I’m Soo EXCITED for You and CONGRATULATIONS!! May God continue to Bless and PROTECT You and Your Family. May God also continue to guide Your every path ALWAYS. Sincerely….Maria Figueroa. ????????

    • Stacey Collins

      You’re the sweetest!! thank you and happy new year!


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