My home decor goals for the new year!

We have entered a brand new year and that always brings feelings of starting fresh, clean slates, resolutions, goals, words of the year and more! But today I want to talk about one thing that’s on my heart!

I have some home decor goals for the new year! May sound a little crazy, but they are already bringing me joy…so this is worth a read!

Home decor goals for the new year

Let me explain. When I started taking my Christmas down in my living room, I was very ready to have this room back to normal. Is it always bittersweet? OF COURSE!

But…I decorate so early (Because remember this is my job afterall), that by the time it was said and done I was just ready. And that’s ok…to each their own!

But, as I started to pull things out of the room I decided I wanted everything but the furniture GONE!!! Even if I thought I would put it right back in the room, I moved it all out. (Aka shoved it into another room for now)

I wanted a total clean slate to start the new year and my decorating! Thought I was kidding? Exhibit A. lol

home decor goals for the new year

Let me tell you what happened within just one day of doing this. I sat there and stared at my empty room and it felt new again. It felt like I could do anything I wanted with the decor and I really thought about what made ME happy! Not what anyone else wanted me to do or wanted to see, but what I wanted.

I knew for me this not only meant everyday decor (and my love for black and white), but it meant bringing back something that I had gotten away from…PICTURES OF MY FAMILY!

This is almost hard to admit to everyone, but somewhere along the way I lost myself a bit in this whole “blogging business.” Thinking that everything had to be picture perfect and when you look at big home bloggers, you rarely see pictures sitting around…sad but true.

In fact, I’ve gotten horrible about even having pictures printed! Anyone else struggle with this? But, I had some recent ones printed, used some old frames I had, did a DIY one and bought a few new and got to framing!

Here are just a few spots that I’ve incorporated pictures so far. There will be more to come for sure! These bring me joy because my family is my joy!!

And of course my business and all the amazing people in my life because of my business is super important to me too!

Another goal I have is be more intentional about sharing the REAL LIFE stuff with you too. The last thing I want is for you to land on my page or blog and think “her house is always so clean” or “she’s got it all together.” Because that is truly FAR from the truth.

I will always be here to inspire and give you ideas, and that of course includes all the pretty and perfectly styled spaces. But I will be more intentional about sharing some of the messes along the way too!

What do ya think about my home decor goals?! Are y’all on board and along for the ride?! I’m excited for the fun ahead!

I’ll share more soon of my everyday living room, my winter entry ways and who knows what else! But for now, I wanted to share this with you.

Please always do what brings you JOY in your home! I will of course still decorate for all the seasons because that truly brings me joy too! But…I will find ways to incorporate these family pictures that mean so much to me too!

Until next time…