Paint is your friend, don’t be scared. How to transform a piece of furniture, all while watching some HGTV!

For those of you who follow me on Instagram, you may or may not have seen my IG Insta Story last week on how I transformed a little end table in my house from blue to white. I got so many DM’s after that video with questions, and people telling me they were now ready to tackle their first paint project! So, guess what?!

I love to paint, and I love helping others learn how to paint. So, I figured out a way to piece together my story, so that I could get it in one continuous video for y’all. Insta Stories are great, but the disappear after 24 hours. Now….disclaimer! This is not professional editing. This is not a high tech video.  And it sounds choppy because it is little 15 seconds snippets, that have been put all together. Please give me a little grace here! Haha.

Here is what happened. We have slowly been transforming our downstairs living room and kitchen area. I painted this little end table in Blackberry House Paint, in the color Well Water back a few years ago. I LOVE that color, but with everything we have done to the room I wanted to lighten it up in….WHITE OF COURSE 😉

Here is the beforepaint

On a day at home that was suppose to be somewhat lazy, in true Stacey fashion I decided on a whim to go ahead and paint that bad boy! I walked y’all through the process with me on Instagram from start to finish. You may have read my painting tutorial here. This video would be a great thing to watch along with reading the tutorial. After those 2, you should be confident and ready to give it a go!

I am a retailer for Blackberry House paint, and that is the paint I used in this video. I will stress again that this technique DOES NOT work for latex or spray paints. You need to use a true furniture paint, chalk paint, etc. to get these same results. Check for a Blackberry House or other retailer close to you!

Check out my video below on how I took this piece from Blue paint to White!





Do y’all see how not scary that was?! Do not let fear stop you from giving this a try! If you are feeling scared, you need to read this because I can bet you fall into some of these categories. You can do it, I promise. Start small and paint some frames or candlesticks if you are really nervous. Then move up to a small piece just like this one. As always, if you have any questions feel free to leave them in the comments. I’m always happy to help.

Here are a few pictures of the process along the way!

Until next time…




  1. Brandy

    Omg! I loved hearing your voice! You have not changed one bit! I love seeing your posts. My house is full of dark wood furniture that I only wish I were brace enough to paint! If you’re ever in BG I’d love a consult. Your house looks fabulous!

    • Stacey Collins

      Aww!! This made me smile! Thank you so much! Maybe one day I can hear YOUR voice and see you in BG 🙂 That would be great! Hope you are doing well!