DIY ~ Painted Pumpkin with Sunflowers…an easy, cheap and quick project!

I have always loved Sunflowers. I knew I wanted to bring some sunflowers into my house somewhere this Fall, but just never really found anything I loved when I was out shopping.

SO, I had an idea! I decided to just MAKE me a little something with sunflowers that I would love 🙂

Some of the supplies I had at home and a couple came from Hobby Lobby.  I will list them here and I will also include links to similar items (may not be exact) for you.

Supplies needed:

  • White Paint (I used Blackberry House Paint (Color- Warm Milk-for this project) You could also use chalk paint or possibly even acrylic paints.

Sunflower pumpkin

Look how easy that list is! Some of those things you may even already have at home! Here is everything all set out. I actually thought I would need a foam insert to put the flowers into, but I did not! It went right down into the foam that was inside the pumpkin! If your pumpkin is hollow, you will need to insert one of those once you cut off the top. 


Here is what I did:

  • I took my X-acto knife and cut a circle around the top. This took a few go arounds before I got it deep enough to start removing that top layer. I then removed as much of the top and foam as I could, piece by messy piece 😉 Sunflower pumpkin with styrofoam pumpkin
  • Once I had that done, it was time to start painting. 2 quick coats of Blackberry House paint and that part was done too!  Sunflower pumpkin painted white
  • Next I took my X-acto knife and dug 3 deep holes into the Styrofoam, since that is how many sunflowers I was using.  Sunflower pumpkin painted white
  • I then took the sunflowers and put them into the holes moving them around until I got them arranged how I wanted. sunflower pumpkin
  • You could see some of the gaps and the Styrofoam, so this is where I knew I wanted my moss to come in. I took my hot glue gun and and glued moss around the edges (up top) then applied the moss to the glue.  sunflower pumpkins with moss

THAT IS IT!! Easy peasy, DIY breezy!! Now it sits proudly on my coffee table and I really do think its pretty cute! Sunflower Pumpkin easy diy project with styrofoam pumpkins and faux sunflowers


What do y’all think? Is anyone going to give this one a try?


Here is a fun little time lapse video that shows me during some of the process. It was fast, but not quite this fast. 😉 Hope you enjoy!

Until next time…

~ Stacey


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