Rug hack! How to get the corners to lay flat!

Are you sitting down? I repeat! Are you sitting down?

This rug hack on how to get the corners to lay down flat just might blow your mind! I know it did mine! It’s quick and easy too!

Rug hack

Let me just say, I did NOT “invent” this! I saw it on Tik Tok haha! I wish I could remember who it was, because I would credit them- but it was a late night scroll and I don’t remember.

But, I knew that I was going to HAVE to try it!

I mean, how many times have you laid down a new rug just to have the corners turn up? So many I’m sure!

So, once we got our rug laid down under our kitchen table and I saw that the corners were flipped up…I knew it was my time to try this!

Rug hack

It’s simple really…this is the part where you should sit down!

Step one- Grab some ice cubes. I used 3 for each corner.

Step two- Lay ice cubes on corners.

Rug hack

Step three- Watch them melt

Step four- Stand in amazement at your flat rug!

*Disclaimer* If you are worried about your floors under the rug, lay something under the rug as the ice melts. That’s a personal choice!

Rug hack

I have to say, it’s been several weeks since we did this and the corners are STILL laying flat! Say what?! So cool!

Rug hack
Rug hack

Let me know if you have a rug that you want to try this rug hack on and if it works for you too!

Until next time…