Simple everyday decor ideas for your home

Sometimes the start of a new year means you are ready for a fresh new everyday look in your home!

I’ve got some simple everyday decor ideas for your home to share with you that will hopefully inspire you! We are keeping it simple, but making a statement!

Simple everyday decor ideas

As you know, we will be moving into our new home soon! This means that it was time to simplify our current home in order to get it on the market, which meant we brought it back to basics…simple everyday decor!

More to come soon on what all we did to stage the house, my tips, more pics, etc. But for now, I want to share some pictures of my living room and kitchen with you!

I really think this might be the most simplified and minimal my house has ever been decorated, but I’m telling you what I am LOVING it! Every single space looks so much bigger and just so fresh and clean!

Simple everyday decor ideas

Here’s what I did on my mantel. You know I love the layered look! I already had all of this from over the years, and it worked out perfect together! The 3 layered pieces are all from Kirkland’s at one point or another.

Simple everyday decor ideas

I mostly kept it to black and whites in here with just some splashes of that sage green.

Of course I had to put some cute pillows on the couch and style a little tray, but again…kept it very simple! I loved putting some everyday decor on my shelves of the media console too!

Simple everyday decor ideas

As for the kitchen, as much as I love all my trays and tiered trays…for the purposes of making the counter space look as big as possible- I went with a simplified look in here with just some greenery in vases, etc.

Simple everyday decor ideas
Simple everyday decor ideas
Simple everyday decor ideas
Simple everyday decor ideas

All in all, I’m so happy with how these simple everyday decor looks came together! It feels bright and fresh and I sure hope someone walks in this house and falls in love with it too!

Until next time…



  1. Linda White

    It is absolutely gorgeous! You have quite the knack!

  2. Kim

    LOVE IT!! Can you tell me is that a cover for your stove top? Did you purchase it or have it made?
    Also, LOVE the bedding, can you share a link for it?

    • Stacey Collins

      That’s a stove cover my husband made years ago! And I didn’t share my bedroom in this post, there may have been an ad on the page that showed some bedding. not sure- sorry!

  3. Betty Coffman

    Where did you get the tray that is on your kitchen table?

    I love your style! Everything looks picture perfect.

    • Stacey Collins

      a store called burke’s outlet. Thanks!

  4. Lora Dalton

    Very nice! I have so many of the same items in my home and you’ve given me inspiration!

  5. Amanda Krebs

    Hi! Your olive branches are the best I’ve ever seen! Can you please share where they are from!!!

    • Stacey Collins

      Target a few years ago!

  6. Susan

    I love the lamps on the media stand. I am hoping I can find some skinny enough for mine. Your home is beautiful, thanks for sharing your ideas with us! Here’s to a quick sale?

  7. Donna Smith

    Love all of it! Wish I could move in just as it is. Can you share where you got the rug under your kitchen table? Such a perfect accent.

    • Stacey Collins

      I think wayfair years ago!

  8. Megan

    Hi Stacey, everything looks great. I would buy your house if I could afford , lol.
    I think you pulled it together nicely. Has your home gone on the market yet??
    Love looking at the new build too. Your bathroom is great and love the hearth room. Nothing like a nice warm room in the winter time. Good luck with everything.

  9. Sandy Porter

    Absolutely beautiful, I wish I could just pick it up and re-creat it in my mobile home. Question do you recommend not hanging your tv?

  10. viviana G smith

    I love your home, I’m really excited for you and your family.

  11. Maureen

    Hi, LOVE IT!!!! Where did you get lamps by TV. I want to do that and have more light in room. Thank you!

    • Stacey Collins

      Kirklands but a couple years ago!

  12. Sharon

    I would buy your house in a hot second. You truly have a gift for decorating. Good luck in your move.

  13. Bunnie Lenz

    Your house is beautiful, and decorated just perfect.
    You won’t have any trouble selling it.
    Best of luck.

  14. Susan Doss

    It’s beautiful!

  15. Vivian R Johnston

    It’ beautiful, I’m sure your home will sale quickly.

  16. Lisa Giles

    Stacey!! You sure can ROCK some simple!! Absolutely beautiful and cozy! I’m loving the black & white with a POP of sage. So exciting to watch how your beautiful new home is coming together, thanks for sharing the journey.