Simple fall mantel ideas for your home!

Well, it’s that time of year again! (for me at least…you know I have to do things early). It’s time to bust out the pumpkins and get our fall decorating on!

Hope these simple fall mantel ideas for your home inspire you this year and give you some great ideas for your own home!

I knew I wanted to go back to my buffalo check this year for Fall, so I started off by getting out what I already had and playing around with it to see what I wanted to use and where.

All of these pumpkins I had on hand already and I love mixing the sage green in with the plaid.

Simple fall mantel ideas

You know I’m personally a big fan of symmetry, so I wanted to replicate the same thing on each end. I did have to go buy one more stacked pumpkin, but I was in luck because Walmart had these again this year!

Simple fall mantel ideas

When I saw this Hello Fall sign at Kirkland’s I knew I had to have it. I had also grabbed the plaid sign from Hobby Lobby this year, so I decided to try layering them with the big arch piece that I already had from Kirkland’s. I LOVE THE WAY THESE LOOK TOGETHER! What do you think?

Simple fall mantel ideas
Simple fall mantel ideas

Last but not least, I had to put some cute items down on my floor! I filled my big vase up with lambs ear and some orange florals from Kirkland’s, used my big white pumpkin that I got years ago at TJMaxx and then added the little wood pumpkin that is new this year from Kirkland’s.

Simple fall mantel ideas

Here it is all complete!

Simple fall mantel ideas

These simple fall mantel ideas are not over the top and they aren’t complicated.

Simple fall mantel ideas
Simple fall mantel ideas

What do you think? I can’t wait to hear!

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  1. Janice Heyman

    What’s NOT to love??!! You did a FABULOUS job once again Stacey. I love the tall metal floor vase with lambs ear & orange flowers…along with your beautiful mantle.

    • Carol

      It looks so beautiful. I love the way you decorated. The colors are so nice.

  2. Laura

    I love the simplicity of your fall mantel. It has enough of the buffalo check which I love and the different heights thru the entire display. Thank you for all of your tips.

  3. Linda Anderson

    Love it! I am not a true orange person, so the mix is good.

  4. Beth Nutt

    It looks great! I knew it would be. Love the pieces you picked out from Kirklands.

  5. Donna

    Love the look. Not over powering, yet very appealing.

  6. Jan

    Love the mixture of color and texture. It looks calm and welcoming. I admire your talents so much. You always inspire me.

  7. Elizabeth

    Absolutely beautiful! Gorgeous

  8. Kathy

    Love it

  9. Mary

    Absolutely beautiful! Can you come decorate my mantel? I’m really new at crafts.,but really enjoying it! Wish me luck!

  10. Linda Rucker

    I like the pumpkins best❤️

  11. Vanessa

    It’s absolutely beautiful!!!!

  12. Jane Lewis

    Love it!!! Looks so good….wish I had a mantel to decorate ?? enjoy following your page….

  13. Tabatha

    Love them all especially the little fabric pumpkins..

  14. Anna LaMere

    Your mantel is awesome ,i love the colors you’ve done a great job.

  15. Sangita Hickman

    love the simplicity!!!

  16. Pam

    Love it, looks awesome as always..simple but very festive and pretty?

  17. Anna Salinas

    Absolutely beautiful! Beautiful job! Love everything!

  18. Becca

    Beautiful! The mantle came together so beautifully❤️

  19. Joann Thomas

    I love it! Doesn’t need anything also. Perfect!!

  20. KennethaMarshall

    Stacey, your mantle is just gorgeous!!! I love all the colors together!! Thank you for sharing your pictures with us!!!

  21. Denise

    Really pretty, simple, yet classy. Well done

  22. Almajean

    I especially love the large white pumpkin on the floor and the green ones on the mantle. It all is simply beautiful as usual. I am getting eager to get my home decorated for fall. You have inspired me. Thank you for sharing your beautiful home decorations with us.

  23. Martha Fisher

    Oh Stacey!! I love everything you’ve done. Everything is so elegant and I just love your work. I wish you lived closer, so you could decorate my home. You’re such an inspiration! Please keep inspiring us all!

  24. Donna

    Luv luv it. Fall is my favorite time of year. Just luv all the colors that come to life. Wish I had the season here in Az. Always so hot.

  25. Rita

    I love this!! I love all of you ideas

  26. Genise Jones

    Simply gorgeous!!!! I love it!!! Very cozy.

  27. Michelle Thompson

    Amazing Stacey!! I love the wooden pumpkin so cute!

  28. Tina Foster

    Absolutely gorgeous. Love it all

  29. Christine Bielawa

    Wow! Beautiful mantel, Stacey!

  30. Bry

    I began following you after your podcast w/ Jennifer Allwood, this blog was perfect for me today. I typically have almost zero time for extra’s like decorating but my heart wants to make my home into an invitation for living. Love the mantel, love the short explanation and great pics. This was a great 5-7 minutes that encourages me in the fact that I don’t have to spend hours or hundreds to invite myself into my home. <3

    • Stacey Collins

      Wow! Thank you so much! Glad you were inspired!

  31. Bonnie Snell

    So pretty! We decorate the same way. Must be a Tennessee thing. Just kidding. Love it.

  32. Susan Aleman

    Very cute and simple projects. simply beautiful.

  33. Tyree Smith

    So gorgeous absolutely love the colors great ideas thank you for sharing ??❤️