Sitting area idea and arrangement

Well, I am SO excited to say that I can finally show you more from Wilshire place! If you aren’t sure what Wilshire place is, start here first. Let’s hop into the living room now…which is not being used as a true living room!

I had a sitting area idea for this space and a fun furniture arrangement plan as well! Come see what I did and how I’ll use this area!

Sitting area idea

Let’s start off with the question what is a sitting area?! To me, this is a space where TV isn’t watched. lol It’s more of a gathering spot for conversation, meetings, gatherings, etc. I realize not every house has a spot to do this….I’ve never had one either!

But when I got Wilshire place, I knew I wanted to use the living room as more of a sitting area and I have been OBSESSED with the look of 4 chairs together (kind of in a circle) for a long time now.

Let’s get into the specifics! (I will link as MANY items as I can at the bottom of this post)

I had such a blast styling this awesome console table from world market!

4 cute swivel chairs, a rug, the awesome console table, 2 cute end tables, a coffee table passed down from my parents and of course some cute decor pulled this all together!

I did paint the coffee table from my parents and I’ll have more info coming on that project soon!

Sitting area idea

See how the sitting area furniture is arranged in a way that is super conversational?! I see a girls night over here in my future and I also see many business meetings and chats right here as well!

Sitting area idea

Something else I have seen others do is turn a formal dining room that they don’t really use in that way into a sitting room. I LOVE that idea! I am a true believer that you should use spaces in your home for what suits you and your family best and not just because they are “made to be” used as a certain kind of space!

Even if this isn’t something you are considering doing, I would LOVE to know what you think of the set up! Some of y’all really questioned me when I said this was what I was going to do and I truly hope you can see my vision now!

Sitting area idea

Please know…I wanted to keep this space SUPER neutral at first because I want to be able to add things as the different seasons roll around. This “neutral clean slate” will allow me to do just that and I can’t wait!

AND I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS SPACE!! It makes me smile each and every day that I go over there to work. The area behind the desk isn’t done yet, but I wanted to show you this view for now too!

Sitting area idea

Now for sources: (I’ve linked as many things as I could at the button below. If it’s not linked it’s likely something I’ve had for a long time, from a local store, from homegoods/tjmaxx or not available online). Happy shopping!

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  1. Jennifer

    Gorgeous…you rocked it girl!

  2. Pamela Goldbeck

    I love it. Has that cozy feeling. Great job.

  3. Chris Bannon

    Oh Stacey! That’s beautiful! I’m on love with that coffee table, and those side tables are perfect! You have such a good eye and your vision for this space is absolutely amazing! Thank you so much for sharing!

  4. Cathy Capers

    I think this is lovely. I like your furniture choices and how it all fits without looking crowded. I especially like that you can sit at your desk and enjoy seeing the sitting area. I once turned my dining room into a sitting area and it was a favorite place in my house! Beautifully done, Stacey.

    • Stacey Collins

      I bet that room was awesome! Thanks!

  5. Gwen B Snowden

    Love it! Looks cozy!

  6. Donna Petit

    Love this so much!

  7. Valerie Zeise

    This is absolutely beautiful! I have often thought that when I need new furniture that I would get 4 recliners vs a sofa. To me makes it feel cozy! As always you rocked this room!

    • Stacey Collins

      yes for sure!

    • Beverly

      Absolutely love love love your new sitting area. So warm and welcoming❤️ Great job decorating and bringing it all together so nicely!

  8. Theresa


  9. Patricia

    Stacey, the sitting area is beautiful. Love it!

  10. Lori Sullivan

    Love this space! It’s cozy and welcoming and looks very comfy!

  11. Sandy Penny

    It looks perfect! I love this space and how it is arranged. I was not expecting anything less. Great job Stacey?

  12. Marianne

    I Love it! Everything came together

  13. Sandy

    I love everything you’ve done! Love the colors, the pieces you’ve chosen, and the conversational area, especially.

  14. Kaye

    Hi. I have only been following and watching for a little bit but I adore you and your attitude and your crafts. I am not really crafty but I do love to rearrange my home with different looks etc. You truly inspire me. Anyway I think the fact that Wilshire Place makes you smile is proof that everything is perfect!! Congratulations on building your new home. I will be following for some fabulous ideas I know will come.

    • Stacey Collins

      Appreciate this so so much!! Thanks!

    • Charlene Curry

      Beautiful. It couldn’t be more perfect.

  15. Michelle

    Looks absolutely amazing!

  16. Shelly Freudeman

    I absolutely love this room. Love your table you painted. This room is very inviting & warm.. I never had any doubts you would make it beautiful.

    • Stacey Collins

      you’re so sweet! thanks!

  17. Ann Dilday Young

    The round coffee table looks absolutely beautiful with the round side tables. I love the differences in leg shapes. It is finished!!!!

    • Stacey Collins

      yessss thanks!

  18. Alana Janes

    Perfect Stacey !!! The coffee table looks great and Eve end tables and the coffee table centerpiece tie in with your desk and console table beautifully !!! ??

  19. Linda Wiley

    I just love it Stacey! Changing for seasons will be ideal, and business meeting will be first class. Your decorating style suits me to a tee. Can’t wait for more. Your Mexico Beach friend!

    • Stacey Collins

      aww you’re too sweet! thanks!

  20. Jean

    Absolutely gorgeous!

  21. Mary Jane Diaz

    I absolutely love it. It is going to be very conducive for your business and love the neutrals. Ur amazing.

    • Stacey Collins


  22. Patricia

    Hey Stacey, I don’t see a link for the cute curtains you had put up at Wilshire Place. They were aqua/teal at the top and white the rest of the way. I’ve tried to find the original post and can’t find it. Can you repost please?

  23. Jacque

    Looks awesome

  24. Sally England

    It’s just like I envisioned it when you described what you wanted to do. I absolutely love it Stacey!

  25. Janelle

    LOVE IT!!!

  26. Janice Cobean

    I just love everything about this setting, colors, furniture, rug, ETC! TY for Sharing!!!

  27. Charlotte

    Beautifully done! Love all the colors and style!!


    Oh this is perfect, I can see a touch of Americana…maybe some sea shells…A bowl of red apples for back to school…and then the fall colors…A huge orange pumpkin will make you smile……and omy word you’ll decorate perfect for Christmas…I’ll stay tuned, you never disappoint !!

  29. Peggy Murdock

    I am loving it .

  30. Karen Jones

    I love it all! I have the long table from World Market and love it! Love all of your ideas! Congrats on building your new home! Look forward to the journey!?

  31. Ginger

    It’s perfect!

  32. Maureen


  33. Sally England

    You hit it out of the park with this! I love it very much. I like how it’s cozy, yet I can see future business meetings taking place here as well. Great job!