Spring tray decorating and DIY ideas!

If you’re like me, you probably like to shop…but you probably also like to get your DIY on too! Especially when it comes to seasonal decor!

I hope these Spring tray decorating and DIY ideas give you some inspiration for things you can do with your own tray this year!

Spring tray decorating ideas

My tiered tray is always one I love to decorate for all the seasons and reasons, and I knew this Spring I wanted to go for bright and FUN! That’s why this printable bundle was just perfect for some DIY’s to add to it.

I made these 3 cuties out of the printables. I simply used regular printer paper, some wood surfaces, mod podge and a little paint and extras to jazz them up. SO easy! You can see the FB live where I did those here to get all the details.

Spring tray decorating ideas

Once I did that, I knew it was time to add a couple more DIY’s and then some things I already had on hand to get it decorated. So, back to FB live I went to make these cute fabric carrots and this little bunny house.

Spring tray decorating ideas

You can see that FB Live here, find out where everything is from, etc!

These fabric carrots turned out ADORABLE and they are gift card holders from Walmart! So cool, huh?!

Spring tray decorating doesn’t have to be stressful or even cost a lot of money to be cute! Everything I did was very budget friendly, yet the overlook is just perfect! Don’t ya think?!

Whether it’s these colors, printables, etc or you put a spin on it to make it your own…I hope you are INSPIRED for your Spring tray decorating this year!

Be sure to pin this to save for later!!

Spring tray deorating

Until next time…



  1. Tanya Skeahan

    Darling tiered tray!!!

  2. Sally England

    Hi Stacey!
    Who knew a few printables and some wood and paint coukd be turned into something so cute!! I love all of it. Especially the painted beads and the carrots! Amazing, quick and easy decor to brighten up our homes for Easter without breaking our wallets!!

  3. Kathie

    Turned out adorable!

  4. Susan Doss

    So cute!

  5. Alisha Schultze

    As always, Stacey, it’s beautiful!!

    I went to DT & Jo-Ann’s yesterday to get my supplies (whatever I missing in my studio) for your projects. I can’t wait to get started on my Spring/Easter crafts today and tomorrow. Your printables, crafts and decor ideas are always inspiring. My husband was happy to see some new craft supplies for Spring decor. He said “it’s about time.” I said “well, I haven’t found any crafts I liked until now.” ?

  6. Karen

    I love these printables and what you have done with them.

  7. Tina Lash

    I love the whole look of the tier tray you have done. I am already in the printable club and was already planning on doing these new printables. My living room is teal and gray so I thought these would be perfect for that room. Here’s my question, I typically will do a tier tray either in my kitchen or my dining room. Is it acceptable to do the tier tray in the living room? I do have some single trays in there but love to do something similar to yours. Thanks in advance for your input.
    Tina Lash

    • Stacey Collins

      I don’t see why not if you’ve got a good spot for it…I say go for it!

  8. Lisa Giles

    Too stinking CUTE!! I watched all your lives and save a lot of ideas! I’m in the PC group and you never me down on the printables Suga!!! Until next time. ❤️Lisa

  9. Celina Salazar

    Love it and love the color scheme!