Spring tray styling using some easy DIY’s for a cute and affordable look!

I’ve said once, I’ve said it twice…I’ll say it a thousand times! I LOVE A TRAY! A tray is like a little home base for all the things and to me, they are just so fun to decorate and change out for the seasons!

The one I keep on my coffee table is always fun to do because I can match it to whatever theme or color scheme I’m currently using.

See how I styled my spring tray and incorporated in some easy DIY’s for a fun look without breaking the bank! I used my aqua and coral colors too!

As you’ve probably seen, I am using aqua and coral in my living room this year. Well, I didn’t have a bunch of aqua and coral Spring décor laying around for my tray and I really didn’t want to spend a ton either. DIY’s to the rescue!

Here are the 4 DIY projects that I used on this tray. The easiest way for you to see how I did them would be to watch the FB lives, so I will link each video below.

DIY Carrot (Made from foam cone and yarn from Walmart) FB LIVESpring tray styling with a DIY yarn carrot

DIY Painted Mason Jar (Using Waverly Chalk Paint from Walmart) FB LIVESpring tray styling using a painted mason jar

DIY Painted eggs (using plastic eggs from Walmart and Waverly Chalk paint) FB LIVESpring tray styling with DIY painted eggs in aqua and coral

DIY Dollar Tree Vase with scrapbook paper (done just like this one I did here with birch paper)

Spring tray styling using a dollar tree vase and scrapbook paper

I also used the cute bunny sign that I got from my friend Stacey at Anchored Soul Designs.

The greenery I have had for a few years and it came from a local store. Spring tray styling using some DIY's for a cute and affordable look!

That’s it! Easy, affordable and toooooo cute! Don’t ya think?! Styling a Spring tray doesn’t have to be hard or complicated and you can put your own spin on it too!

Spring tray styling using some DIY's for a cute and affordable look. Aqua and coral decor!

Have you decorated a Spring tray yet this year? I encourage you to do so if not!

Until next time…


Here are some CUTE options for trays if you are looking for one for your home!

Tray 1 

Tray 2

Tray 3

Tray 4

Tray 5 

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  1. Heather Harris

    Love your tray. I watched your DIY’s when you first posted them. I’m a tray snob. I change them out constantly. I love the tray options you posted. I narrowed down my favorites to 1 & 3. 3 probably my first choice. I love rope and tassels and different textures mixed together. A little unexpected element.
    Thank you for doing what you do Stacey. I know it’s not easy putting yourself out there being so real and exposed. But know you are helping a lot of people in ways you may not even realize. It can be therapy to some. They may experience freedom they have never had by realizing it’s ok to do it yourself, to thrift store it, to not be perfect…ETC. Your genuineness shows and I love following you.
    Hope you enjoy your much deserved family time this spring break and we look forward to crafting together again.