Stop the comparison game and find out why there’s truly no place like YOUR home! No matter what that looks like for you!

There’s no place like home! Am I right?! I’ll be honest, most days I have this feeling whenever I get back home from being out and about. That feeling of “Ahh, I’m here!” I feel thankful to be home and instantly comfortable in my surroundings!

But…I also have days where I compare. Yep, I said it. The dreaded comparison game. This is something I have admitted to you all for a long time now. It’s so hard not to compare when we are always seeing beautiful homes in our social media newsfeed or on Pinterest. Or maybe you even have friends or neighbors that you are envious of their homes!

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Stop the comparison game and find out whey there's no place like home!

I get it. I’ve been caught up in the comparison game in the past. And some days I still “slip” and let myself go there. The struggle is real! But, we have to stay in our lane and focus on what home means to US!

It may not mean Pinterest perfect rooms, and that’s totally ok! Home is what YOU make of it and what makes YOU happy! Fill it with things and people that YOU love!

Here is one thing I can share with you about those “pretty spaces” you see online. They aren’t always pretty and there are REAL people living there with REAL messes! Here’s an example from my own home. (and my bedroom looks like the top pic WAY more often than it does all “pinterest ready!”)

real life behind those pretty pinterest pictures! The secret is out. What my master bedroom usually looks like (top) versus "pinterest ready" (bottom)

So, next time you are caught in the comparison game or feeling jealous of a pretty room online…remind yourself of this! This is just one of the many examples from around here of what my house looks like on a regular ol’ day! And that’s ok…because I’m normal just like you! But, I love my home just like you (hopefully) do too!

You know how they say absence makes the heart grow fonder?! I’m pretty sure the same can be said about our homes! I’m just getting back from a week at the beach with our family. Our condo was cute, and was just the right size for us. We managed to get comfortable for the week and made it work just fine.

But…then we came HOME! We talked on the way back about what we were most excited about (Number one being to see our puppy, Bailey)! But right behind that were things like…to sleep in our own bed, to drink coffee in the cozy corner chair, to draw pictures on the art desk, play video games in the bonus room, etc.

Things that can only be TRULY felt here! We walked in that back door and instantly had that “Ahh, we’re home!” feeling. You know the one, right? It just might be one of the best feelings ever!

Being away from your home sure does make you appreciate it even more once you return. I want to always be thankful for that feeling I get when I walk through my doors.

Do we have everything we want in this house? Nope! Are there projects to still be done? You bet! Is every room Pinterest worthy? No way! But, this is our HOME and it makes us happy.

I encourage you to not get wrapped up in the comparison game and start loving your home for what it is. Make changes for YOU, and not for anyone else. Make your home what YOU want and not what you think it should  be. It’s freeing, I promise!

No matter what home “looks like” to you, make it yours! Make it your home sweet home that you can’t wait to get back to at the end of a day. It makes all the difference!

I’m now headed to go lay on my couch under my favorite throw, because I’m home and I can 🙂

Do you get that feeling when you walk in your doors?! I sure hope so!

Until next time…

~ Stacey


  1. Donna

    Exactly! There is no place like home. Home is what you make it.

    • Stacey Collins

      Absolutely!!! Totally agree!

  2. Melissa

    I love this. I have a lot of anxiety… especially in social situations. I always feel like people are judging me. So my home is not just my favorite place to be, but my safe place to be. Since we moved here the end of 2014, our plan was to stay in this house for 2-3 years… until we really knew the area and where we wanted to be. So i didn’t decorate a ton. As 3 years approached, we started looking. We decided we liked our current location while our kids were in school, but didn’t want to have to limit ourselves to this small area. So we decided to stay here until the kids are out of school… just 4 short years. So I got everything out I had stored and went to town on making this place feel like us. A place we all want to be. I’m not done yet… but pretty darn close!

    • Stacey Collins

      I love your story, Melissa!! So proud of you for making your home a reflection of you and a place you all want to be! That’s so awesome!