Tray Workshop Free Printable

Hey, friend! I’m soooo excited to be holding a tray decorating workshop on February 9th and 10th! I love decorating trays for all the seasons and reasons, but I KNOW they can be a little overwhelming and intimidating. I’ve got so many tips and tricks up my sleeve and I can’t wait to share them with you. More details on how you can sign up for this $10 workshop will be coming SOON!

tray workshop

But first…how about a cute FREE printable so you can make a sign to go IN your tray?! Whether you decide to join us for the tray workshop or not, I would love to give you this cute Home Sweet Home printable on the house! And…I’ll give you a SUPER easy idea on what to do with it!

tray workshop free printable

A printable is simply a PDF file that I designed and you can print from home! If you don’t have a printer, you can send it anywhere that makes copies (UPS Store, Office Depot, etc). These are PERFECT for crafting and decorating!

  1. Step one: Print out your printable on regular computer paper or card stock (either one will work fine)!
  2. Step two: Find a 6×6 wood surface like one of these (or even just a plain piece of raw wood). You can find things like this at Hobby Lobby or Dollar Tree and 6×6 will be the PERFECT size for this printable and for a tray sign!
  3. Step three- Cut your printable down to size and use mod podge on top of your wood surface and adhere the printable to the top.
  4. Step four- Once dry, put another layer of mod podge on TOP of the printable and let it dry.
  5. Step five- Anxiously await the tray workshop so I can show you just how stinkin’ cute it will be in your tray! 🙂
Tray workshop printable
tray workshop printable
tray workshop printable
tray workshop printable sign

Is it just me or does this little sign look like it came straight off the shelves of Hobby Lobby?! I truly love it SO much! Hope you enjoy it as well and have fun crafting with it. AND…I hope to see you inside my tray workshop soon! Sign ups will start on February 1st, so be on the lookout for all the details!

tray workshop

Until next time…