Valentine’s Tree Inspiration

There is a first time for everything, and this is the first year I am taking one of my trees straight from Christmas to Valentine’s!

Come see my Valentine’s tree in my master bedroom with all the red, white, black, gray and of course HEARTS! I hope it inspires you!

You may remember this tree in my bedroom from Christmas?! The red and white ribbon on it made it the PERFECT tree to easily transition into a Valentine’s tree!

I have honestly never been a big Valentine’s day decorator, but this year I was just feeling it in here for some reason and I’m soooo glad I went with my gut! (Exhibit A)

Valentine's tree inspiration

Honestly there were several ornaments I could just leave on. I only took off the ones that were “Christmasy.” Then, I made a few DIY ornaments with some printables on a fb Live that worked out perfectly!

Valentine's tree inspiration

And I of course did a little shopping too! I hit up Dollar Tree, Marshall’s, Walmart and Hobby Lobby for items that I thought would work great as ornaments! It truly didn’t take a lot to transform the look.

Valentine's tree inspiration
Valentine's tree inspiration

For the topper, I left the berries and just added this XO from Marshall’s.

Valentine's tree inspiration

We can’t forget my cute new pillow from Marshall’s either! SOOO cute right there!

Valentine's tree inspiration

What do you think of my first ever Valentine’s tree?! It truly makes me smile and I’m feeling the LOVE for sure! Hope you love it too!

Valentine's tree inspiration
Valentine's tree inspiration

Until next time…



  1. Linda knowles

    Super cute Stacey. Especially in the bedroom, perfect!

    • Brenda Mazell

      I love it!!! The tree is beautiful. And I love the way you did your entryway. Beautiful!!!

  2. Kathie Gilmore

    Beautiful!! Love how it turned out.

  3. Kim

    Stacey, that is really the cutest Valentine’s Tree I’ve seen yet! Great job! Now you are making me want to go out and get some Valentine Decor, but I have to abstain because I’ve bought so much stuff to organize my pantry! ? I’ll just drool over your tree!

  4. Terri Hubbart

    I absolutely adore it!!!

  5. Rebecca Simons

    I like your valentines tree. Love the colors and decor.

  6. Dianne Puleo

    I love it !! Where did you find all of the decorations !! ❤️

  7. Peggy Kasinger

    Stacey I love it but then I love most everything you decorate. You have really inspired me to do new things this year and I have really enjoyed it. It’s a little bit of a problem when you live in a very small house with no storage.?

  8. Tee Lea


  9. Linda

    It looks fantastic but I knew it would! Everything you do is beautiful ?

  10. Kathi marie

    1st time ever leaving up tree also..n working on valentine’s also..

  11. Pam

    Love your tree!!!!

  12. Vicki

    Beautiful just gorgeous!

  13. Pat

    I love your taste !! Please come to my house !!

  14. Shelley Baxter

    STACY, everything you do is absolutely beautiful. The tree is so pretty. I can not imagine myself being able to do such beautiful trees or decorating.