Warm and cozy fall living room

It’s about that time of year, time to start busting out the pumpkins and all things FALL!

My warm and cozy fall living room is giving me all the fall feels and I hope it inspires you and gives you some ideas too!

Warm and cozy fall living room

I’ll be honest, I’m not typically a huge orange person. It’s just not my favorite color. However, I walked into Kirkland’s this year and saw a rusty orange pumpkin and fell in LOVE! It sparked this whole new love this year for that warm orange tone…and I just spiraled from there!

I was so excited to pair it with some of the sage green that I had used in the past. Doesn’t it all look so pretty together?!

Warm and cozy fall living room

I of course (shocker) had to get a couple new pillows! The floral ones are from Kirkland’s here, and the plaid ones I had from Hobby Lobby last year. The pumpkin one in the middle was Big Lots last year! (Oh and the adorable pumpkin lamp is from HomeGoods)

The pumpkin one on the chair is from Target, and the other one was home goods. I am also using one of my fall pillow covers on another chair, that you can find here! Pillows always add cozy fall living room vibes!

Warm and cozy fall living room

You know I always LOVE decorating trays! I of course had to use one of my brand new Infinity Frames on the tray! The orange and green in the fall sign were just PERFECT for my vibe! You can get this interchangeable Infinity frame on my site here!

Warm and cozy fall living room

The shelves of my media console are ALWAYS fun to decorate! I used several things I’ve had for years, and incorporated some new things and DIY too! The sign is a printable that you get in my fall workshop here!

These ADORABLE printable pumpkins are the bonus craft that we will be making this year inside my Fall for Crafting workshop! If you haven’t signed up or seen the MAIN project, click this button below to read all about it and join us!

Warm and cozy fall living room

Last but not least, the FIREPLACE! One of my favorite areas to decorate forever and always! I think bringing these warmer tones in this year just instantly added the cozy fall living room vibes I was wanting! I love how it all came together!

Warm and cozy fall living room

The change sign is from Hobby Lobby, the art is from Kirkland’s, I’ve had the mirror for years, vase Old time Pottery and Pumpkins Kirkland’s and Target!

Down below the cute pillow and throw from Target and that adorable orange pumpkin is from Target too!

I hope you love these warm and cozy fall living room ideas and they inspire you for your own home this Fall!

Warm and cozy fall living room

Until next time…


SOURCES: These are things I’m able to link for you. You can shop many of them at the button below, and I’ll also link them individually!

Orange pumpkin

Plaid orange throw

Floral pillows

Art print

Infinity frame with sign inserts

Cream ceramic pumpkins

Orange ceramic pumpkin

Large Sweater pumpkin


  1. Leslie Fazio

    Stacey, I love it!!! I’m not an orange person either, but it’s beautiful?. I think I might do mine the same. I was looking for a change!

    • Stacey Collins

      That’s awesome! Thanks!

  2. Marilyn

    Love it!! Can I move in??

  3. Linda Scholz

    I love it!! You are right it is warm and cozy. You are so talented. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Sheryl

    Love all the copper and burnt orange.

  5. Dianne Hendrix

    I love, love everything you do! Your fall decorations are superb!! What color paint did you use on your turquoise pumpkins?

    • Stacey Collins

      You’re so sweet! I didn’t paint any of the pumpkins in this post. They are from here there and everywhere!

  6. Beth

    Do you remember where the copper container in the tray came from? Thanks, Beth.

    • Stacey Collins

      an antique store years ago!

  7. Darcy

    It’s beautiful and very comfy! I’m starting on my fall stuff too. You gave me some great ideas! Thanks Beablessed!

  8. Sally England

    You’ve done it again! You always inspire me Stacey. I’m in love with the copper this year too! I like how you incorporated it into your living room. It’s beautiful. I’m hoping I can get mine even close to yours. You have a beautiful home!

  9. Lou

    Stacy-each year I say it’s the most beautiful display. So I guess I’m going to have to repeat myself. This is just gorgeous!!! I love how you out the colors together. Everything looks amazing!!
    Love love. Love it all!!!

    • Stacey Collins

      aww thank you SOOOO much!

  10. Cheryl

    Love it! I have a red couch and loveseat so I decorate all the fall colors including the lighter neutral ones! I love red and it works for all the seasons for me.

  11. Jane Robinson

    Love it! Everything looks so cozy and clean. Just the right amount. I would love to know where you found the copper container on the tray on your coffee table.

    • Stacey Collins

      an antique store years ago!

  12. Tanna

    Gorgeous as always Stacey! Thanks for the inspiration! Struggling lately! I need it!

  13. Sue Holliman

    I love all of it. I have been busy crafting since the first time I saw you on Facebook. I got notice the infinity frame has been shipped to me. How can I join the next workshop?


    • Stacey Collins

      Awesome! You can join it here!https://www.wilshirecollections.com/fall-for-crafting/

  14. Kim Witherspoon

    Beautiful and welcoming (as always). Not overdone, just enough!

    Kim W.

  15. Ann Knowlton

    Could someone please check to see if i can join the Facebook. I paid already I have the list. I couldn’t join the Facebook it said something went wrong. I dont know the link for the printables for the workshop.im in the printable club also.

    • Stacey Collins

      Please email customer service! wilshirecollections1@gmail.com


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