Why the Wilshire? I’ve got a story!

Why the Wilshire? What’s Wilshire? Where did you come up with Wilshire? I get asked this a lot and I realize that a lot of people have no idea where the “Wilshire” came from! So, today I’m sharing my story!

When I say my love of home decor runs deep, I mean it’s truly IN MY BLOOD! It’s all inspired from my Mom. You see, growing up she always had an amazing eye for design. So much so, that she also helped others decorate in their homes when I was younger. How crazy is that?!

I guess I didn’t realize at the time just how much of an impact it was making on me. Those shopping trips to TJ’s with my mom and sister were shaping my brain and teaching me allll the things about decorating!

Back then, I’m sure I was browsing the clothes and shoes more than I was the decor…but I was still being taught whether I knew it or not. Taught that creating a home that is inviting and cozy IS important (and fun too)!

When my sister and I started this business in 2013, we started off painting furniture for others. We grew up on Wilshire Way, so we decided that we wanted to incorporate Wilshire into our name. Because after all, the love for home and decor alllll started with our childhood.

So, why the Wilshire? Because sometimes life comes full circle even when you aren’t expecting it. I didn’t go to college thinking this is what I would do with my life. I didn’t even think 5 years ago this is where I would be.

But, I have followed the calling God gave me and here I am. Living out my passion and dream and doing something that is just IN MY BLOOD!

My sister is now busy raising 3 little boys and doing the most important job she can do right now- being a mom! But she’s still my number one fan, supporter and encourager in this biz! (Her and my mom both are!)

My grandmother recently told me that every time she sees one of my FB posts she gets a little chuckle. She said, “Who would have thought that the girl with the messy room who never wanted to clean it up, would end up decorating for a living.” Haha! Leave it to those sweet grandmas to keep ya grounded and put you in your place.

So, as shocking as it may be to some (hint, hint the grandma). Here I am. Wilshire Collections. Just a girl with a dream and a shopping problem 🙂

Thanks for taking the time to read my little story.
Is there something like this in your life that has come full circle that you weren’t expecting? It’s amazing to think how much we might be impacting our children without completely realizing it!

My mom, Sister and I headed out for a weekend Girls Trip!

Why the Wilshire

Wilshire Way! 

Until next time…

~ Stacey