3 Spring craft ideas that are quick, easy and cute!

I am officially in Spring crafting mode over here and ready to craft and decorate all the things!

These 3 Spring craft ideas are quick, easy and cute! Anyone can do these and you can of course put your own spin on them too.

Let’s get to it!

3 Spring craft ideas

Spring craft 1- DIY Hydrangea sign

I love hydrangeas this time of year, and this hydrangea printable is truly a favorite of mine from the pretty hydrangeas down to the saying! There was no doubt in my mind this was going to make a cute Spring DIY sign.

You can find the cute printable in my shop here. Then all I did was print it out on cardstock paper (you could use regular too), and find a surface that would fit this full sheet printable. For me, I had this cute sign I had gotten on clearance at Marshall’s.

I painted over the joy to the world a bit with white to make sure it didn’t show through, used mod podge to attach my printable and then went over the beads lightly with some Deco Art shoreline paint. That was literally it and look how cute this is?!

3 spring craft ideas

Spring craft 2- Reversible bunny

These little wood bunnies were out again at Hobby Lobby this year, so I knew I needed to do something cute with one! You could of course use ANY wood bunny for this.

3 spring craft ideas

Simply grab 2 pieces of coordinating scrapbook paper that match your colors, trace out the bunny on each side, then mod podge them on to the bunny. I used a small wreath from Target dollar spot to make a necklace and then added a few flowers from Hobby Lobby as a tail and to embellish the necklace.

So easy and so cute! Which side is your favorite?!

3 spring craft ideas

Spring craft 3- Hanging bunny sign

This one was inspired by some items I found at Michael’s. I loved these little canvas bunny cut outs, and also got this wood surface there that I knew would be perfect with the bunny head!

I painted the top part white, added scrapbook paper to the bottom (then used an exacto knife to cut the slits in the paper where the wood was split).

For the bunny, I used corregated scrapbook paper and painted it white, then used some coordinating scrapbook paper for the ears and added some flowers from hobby lobby for the little headband.

One of Stacey’s simple bows was all it needed to finish it off and I truly think it turned out adorable! Again, use any colors that work for you!

3 spring craft ideas

What do you think of these 3 Spring craft ideas? Which one is your favorite and which one are you adding to your must make list?

Until next time…



  1. Donna whitehead

    I just love bunnies….. so I’m going to say Bunny!❤️

  2. diana meixner

    #3 is my favorite

  3. Linda

    I love all three of your crafts! However, to choose one I would go with the rabbit with greenery around its little neck and then the hydrangea.
    Your craft items are always so pretty and classy looming.

  4. Angie True

    Oh my goodness! That hanging bunny head is the cutest! I hope I can find similar ideas to make this ?❤️

  5. Jill

    Thank you Stacy, I
    Love them all! I did the Hobby Lobby bunny and I had very similar scrapbook paper as you used. It came out great!

  6. Mavis

    I just received my coffee mugs. They are wonderful!!

  7. Dawn Moore

    I like number 1 & I might make it, if I can find the time.

  8. Kathy

    These are so pretty and I love the color choice.

  9. Tammy Leonard

    OMGOODNESS …I ❤️ all 3 of these…they’re absolutely ADORABLE!!

  10. Mary Carlson

    I found the bunnies made from plaster at Michaels T 40% off. Going to stock up for next year

  11. Patricia Lager

    Love them! Sooo simple and Sooo cute!!! ❤?

  12. Ann

    I love them all!! Way too hard to pick just one. ?❤

  13. Michele Paschal

    I’m liking the 2 sided bunny. It’s so cute and you could use it on your front door in a wreath. Then you could see something pretty inside and out.

  14. Sally England

    These 3 crafts are adorable! And easy Too! I have a love for hydrangeas too, so I’m a little partial to this particular printable. The bunnies are so sweet. I just can’t wait to try all 3 of these.
    Thanks Stacey!

  15. kimberly thompson

    ? them all


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