5 Christmas bedroom decor ideas to add to your room this year!

You know I’ve told you before that I’m a HUGE fan of having a Christmas tree in my bedroom. You can see the post about that and all the pictures of my tree here. But…I don’t want to just stop there of course!

Here are 5 Christmas bedroom decor ideas to add to your bedroom this year to give it a festive feel without breaking the bank!

5 Christmas bedroom decor ideas

Here are the 5 main things I like to add to MY room each year to spruce it up a bit:

  1. My tree (even if you just do a small table top one, get some twinkle going)
  2. Seasonal pillows that match your room/decor…OF COURSE CUTE PILLOWS ARE A MUST!
  3. Throw blanket
  4. Christmas decor for nightstands
  5. Greenery, wreath or garland where possible

And this year, I also used a hack I learned from my friend Brooke with Re-fabbed…I used a TABLE RUNNER at the bottom of my bed! How cute and cool is that?! GENIUS! Check out this Re-fabbed blog post with this hack and other home hacks! You could of course also use a quilt, throw, etc.

5 Christmas bedroom decor ideas

I love having a neutral quilt on my bed, because it makes it easy to swap things out like this for the seasons. And for those that will want to know…wall color is Sherwin Williams Perfect Greige.

I will be honest, almost everything in this room this year is stuff I already had on hand and have used in the past. I do not have any links I can share with y’all since it’s not new and current items. Most things have come from Marshall’s, Target, Kirkland’s Homegoods, Old Time Pottery, etc. over the years.

What do you think of my Christmas bedroom decor this year? I hope you love it and will try adding a few things from the list above to your room too this year!

5 Christmas bedroom decor ideas

And in an effort to always keep it SUPER real over here…this is what the other half of my bedroom currently looks like. HA! Haven’t put away my Christmas bins, getting ready to pack for a trip, etc…REAL LIFE STUFF Y’ALL!

One day maybe I’ll add some holiday stuff over there and clean up…but not today 🙂

5 Christmas bedroom decor ideas

Until next time…



  1. Donna

    Stacey it is a dream bedroom! You have definetly twinkled your nose and here it is! It’s fabulous!❤️❤️❤️

    • Stacey Collins

      I wish it was that easy…haha!

  2. Patti Stover

    I love it all Stacey! I too use a table runner on my bed! YAY Big Lots! I especially liked the real life photo. Thank you for being just like us! Ha! And thanks for all you do for us so we can enjoy it all too!

    • Stacey Collins

      You’re so welcome!

  3. Helen

    Love your Christmas bedroom decor! I am inspired to add some of your ideas. Thanks Stacey!

    • Janie H

      Stacey, I love everything you share! Your home is beautiful. Thank you for taking the time to inspire all of us so that we can enjoy all these things too!Merry Christmas! Janie

  4. Patricia Ullmann

    Your bedroom is as beautiful as the rest of your house. Thank you for the tips on how I can add Christmas items to my bedroom.
    God bless you sweetie!

  5. Lori Campbell

    I love it!!!! I would totally recreate it, if I hadn’t already spend so much money on other Christmas decorations. Thanks so much for showing the “real life”—- I have a section in my room now just like that. Lol, love that you keep it real. I do have your quilt and it’s perfect to go with everything. Merry Christmas.

  6. Celina Salazar

    Love the room and the real life pictures! We finally put up our Christmas bins but I still have some other stuff that I need to put up! I’m glad I’m not the only one in this boat!

  7. Lela Perkins

    Love your bedroom!! ?? Thank you for showing info that we are all not crazy and have a real side of life also. ??

  8. Connie

    Always love looking at your beautiful rooms decorated!

  9. Helga Maddox

    It so beautiful Stacy, love everything you added for the holidays!!

  10. Sandy Hubbard

    Your bedroom is beautiful! I love the touches of Christmas. But thank you for the ‘real life heads up’!! We all need to be reminded that we are human. ?

    • Stacey Collins

      YES for sure!

  11. Sue butler

    Beautifull,enjoy your trip like the idea for runner going to do that

  12. Ginger

    I love this so much, so pretty and festive.

  13. Paige Mitchell

    Absolutely beautiful!

  14. Lillie Keeton

    Love your bedroom and thanks for all the tips. My bedroom is silver and I could use your ideas to add Christmas colors to my decor. As always, A loyal fan Lillie

  15. Melinda

    Oh my gosh, thank you for the last picture!! I am always thinking “do these people not live in their house?” Your Christmas bedroom is beautiful!

    • Stacey Collins

      Very much lived in haha! And thanks!

  16. Sharon LeBlanc

    Your living room is gorgeous! Where did you get your coffee table & end tables.Thank you!!! (Second request)

    • Stacey Collins

      Thanks! Coffee table was a craigslist find years ago and end tables kirlands but a few years ago too!

  17. Karen Wallace

    Love this! The table runner is a great idea. Thankful for the real life alert… I wondered if I was the only one with bins still sitting around!

  18. Ashton Headrick

    Love love love this!! So super cute. Cannot wait to incorporate some Christmas into our bedroom for the first time this year. Thanks for the inspo!

  19. Kay wall

    I absolutely love everything you have done in your bedroom. You always amaze me with all of your crafts and decorating. You are very special and a truly wonderful person. Don’t ever change