Coffee bar decor ideas

Love coffee? Me, too! I’m obsessed with it AND my new coffee bar area!

These coffee bar decor ideas are perfect if you have a dedicated coffee bar or even just part of your kitchen that you use as a station!

Coffee bar decor ideas

When we were building the new house, one thing we were super excited about was the working pantry area! This is a space off of our kitchen that is meant for small appliances and extra storage.

Think the toaster, crock pot, air fryer, coffee maker, etc. Whether they are on the counters or in the cabinets…it frees up space in your main kitchen! Here is what this area looked like when we closed!

New home build

When we were making our selections for the house, I just knew I wanted an area here dedicated to a coffee bar! We opted to remove a couple cabinets and do the floating shelves in the middle and I’m SO glad we did!

Let’s get into it…my first official coffee bar decor in the new house!

I wanted to keep it super neutral for this first go around, but this will be such a FUN spot to decorate and change up for all the seasons and reasons!

On the counter, I thought this would be the perfect spot for my tiered tray! And of course…the coffee maker!

Coffee bar decor ideas
Coffee bar decor ideas

Next up, I did a little grouping on one side of some decor pieces and my DIY coffee sign made with this printable bundle here on the left side!

Coffee bar decor ideas
Coffee bar decor ideas

On the top shelf I used a sign I got from Kirkland’s and these 2 glass jars from my Mom! I filled one with ground coffee and one with coffee beans and my assistant Kellie made me some cute labels for them with her Cricut!

We are using a ruggable rug runner in here and I love what it adds to the space too!

Coffee bar decor ideas

Every morning when I walk in here to make coffee I stand there with a smile on my face. Yes, because I’m excited for my coffee…but also because it’s EXACTLY how I envisioned the space to be!

Coffee bar decor ideas

Let me know what you think of my first coffee bar decor reveal! Lots of fun to come in this space, no doubt!

Until next time…



  1. Judy Andreas

    Looks inviting.

  2. Sally England

    Absolutely gorgeous Stacey! I love this niche area over your coffee brewer. It’s just right to add some cuteness ! How fun it must be to wake up and have this area waiting for you!! I can see the fun you’ll have, changing this area up for the holidays!!

  3. Marion Boudreaux

    Love this ! I’m redoing my kitchen and Yes I’ve got a spot for my Coffee Bar! Know exactly how you feel when you walk in the area in the morning. I can’t wait for it to be finished. I get so excited for that first fresh cup of coffee in the morning . Feel So Blessed . Thank you Jesus .

  4. Linda Welling

    Stacey, you have such a gift for decorating, we have all enjoyed your families journey!

  5. Lynda Craft Kerr

    Love love your coffee bar!! Beautiful space!!!??

  6. Sharon Beasley

    Vert pretty and useful I like the black. And white

  7. Sharon Richards

    Love it
    It’s so you!!

  8. Darcy Ingham

    I absolutely love it! I love neutral colors and white cabinets! This is my style. You are awesome at it!

  9. DeAnna Lynn Kussmaul

    Love a dedicated coffee space for use and decor. Love it and so glad it brings you joy. It should.

  10. Valerie Degeorge

    I’m absolutely in love with this coffee bar it’s perfect I wouldn’t want to leave the room lol
    I’m in love with your whole house you decorated it so beautifully I need help trying to decorate mine lol

  11. Mary Strength

    I love it. So exquisite!!

  12. Barbara

    Love the new coffee bar!

  13. Marcia Bidwell

    Love it Stacey!! Thanks for sharing!!

  14. Lisa Giles

    I will be your 1st comment! I LOVE it! It looks so inviting and very beautiful!! Everything in your new home goes so perfect in its spot!!

  15. Barbara Hundley

    I’m loving all the new things. Cute, trendy, simple but classy, farmy, everything fantastic rolled into one gorgeous home. I love it ❤️

  16. Mary Gibbs

    It is absolutely beautiful. I would love to see in person, maybe someday.
    You should be proud, which i know you are.