Decorating Summer Porches

It’s about that time! Summer is here and it’s time to spruce up our outdoor spaces! Yay!

Decorating Summer Porches can be so fun and I’ve got some great ideas to help you spruce up your outdoor spaces that I think you’ll love!

I really love to add bright and cheery colors when I’m decorating Summer porches, so that’s pretty much the trend you will see in these 3 spaces I’m about to share.

front door decor, porch decor, and patio decor


As y’all know, I recently painted my front door black and I feel like it makes my stuff pop so much more now! I went with aqua and pink as my 2 main colors, with some other fun swirled in. It’s pretty simple, but that’s what I was craving this year!

welcome front door decor

The door hanger was a DIY, the pillows from At Home Store, the rugs from Hobby Lobby and Target and the welcome sign was Hobby Lobby!


I’ve got a pretty neutral backdrop back here to play with, which is fun because I can literally add ANYTHING to it and make it work! This year, I went with my trusty buffalo check with yellow accents! The yellow brought the perfect pop to this space, and we LOVE spending time out here!

outdoor sitting area

We are really enjoying our new gas fire pit as well, it just makes it so cozy and when it’s not in use it acts as a normal table. You can get the truck pillow cover here!

coffee table and sofa for outdoors


Did you know we have a patio down below our back porch?! I loved using the blues and teals down there, they just make me so happy! My “beach” chair is also down here which is my favorite place to escape to every now and then!

blue and brown wicker backyard sitting area

This is the view from the patio looking up to the back porch!

patio decor
summer porch and patio ideas

What do you think?! Which one of my Summer porches is your favorite?! You may notice that I don’t have a TON of real flowers….but that’s only because I do not have a green thumb and I know their outcome. haha! But…flowers are of course another great way to spruce up your spaces!

What colors do you like to use on your Summer porches?

Until next time…



  1. Margaret

    Everything looks great, very inviting for sure !! We’ve had nothing but RAIN in Texas so I did get the landscaping done out front before that started lol…I wanted to ask where you found your firepit please…I love the TABLE look of it…again, thank you for sharing !!

    • Stacey Collins

      Amazon, but it is sold out now. So sorry!

      • Patricia

        They are all beautiful! Not sure I can pick a favorite. I love your flair for decorating.

  2. Teresa

    They are all beautiful. I would sit on that back porch all the time.

  3. Brenda Pepper

    My favorite is your front porch. Those colors scream look at me!?????

  4. Pam

    I love them all ❤️ They are all beautiful. You did an excellent job girl!!

    • Tammy

      All 3 look awesome. What are you doing to keep the mosquitoes away?

  5. Betty

    Love everything you did. Looks so inviting! GREAT job!


      I love them all but the patio has got to be my favorite. I love the colors and I could see myself escaping there.

  6. Dawn Powers

    I love them All. But, back porch is my favorite!

  7. Vanessa Chason

    I love love love all your spaces! I can’t pick a favorite!!!!

  8. Dianne Carr

    Everything looks great!! Love it all!!

  9. Sue

    I really love the black and yellow. I’d be there everyday drinking a cold ice tea and watching tv. It gets to hot here where I live to go outside, so it’s either early morning or after dark. Thank you for sharing and I like your beach chair.

  10. Janet Long

    Your home just screams “Welcome”!
    I love the color pallette on each. Where is your pool? I thought you had an inflatable pool.
    Enjoy every bit of the summer with those sweet boys and your hubby.
    Thanks for sharing your decor ideas with us.

    • Stacey Collins

      It busted at the end of last summer! Luckily, our neighborhood pool is open this year!

  11. Michele M. Bolz

    The back porch with the fire pit is my pick!! I live in an apt. and our patio is too small for a fire pit. Oh well, yours is inviting.

  12. Michele M. Bolz

    The back porch with the fire pit is my favorite. I live in an apt. and the patio is too small for one. Oh well, yours is inviting!!

  13. Connie

    My favorite is the patio area, love the colors and lots of room to entertain.

  14. Doreen Schwab

    Hi Stacey ~
    Both patios look beautiful. Thanks for all your inspirations. Since being a DC & PC gurl I have been doing my home with updating crafts around the house. You are so awesome. Hugs…❤

    • Stacey Collins

      That makes me so happy!!

  15. Kim Bauer

    I really love the back porch, the colors are great.