DIY wood riser

It’s no secret that I LOVE trays and risers! I love to buy them…and I love to DIY them!

This DIY wood riser can be made with just a few supplies from Hobby Lobby and the end result is so ADORABLE!

DIY wood riser

When I saw these round wood pieces and this wood bead ring at Hobby Lobby, I knew I could make a super cute DIY wood riser with them!

DIY wood riser
DIY wood riser

I decided to use these candlesticks for the little legs (you’ll need 3 of them).

DIY wood riser

For me, I decided I wanted it to just be stained…but you could of course paint it too or even use scrapbook paper!

So I stained, stained and stained some more….then all I had to do was start hot gluing them together. You basically assemble it like a sandwich with wood piece, beads, wood piece.

I did decide that I wanted to add a little white to my beads, so I dry brushed some white paint on to mine too and I loved the pop it gave it!

Last but not least, I glued the little legs on to the bottom. That was it!

How adorable is this DIY wood riser?! I was soooo excited to bring it over to my new Wilshire place and get it decorated! (You can read more about Wilshire place here)

DIY wood riser

Hope this inspired you and I hope you’ll try and make one soon too! Here’s another cute way I styled it!

DIY wood riser

Until next time…



  1. Hazel

    Love it Going to make this❤️

  2. Cindy L Moffett

    I love it…dso cute…love the stain & white drybrush…u always have such creative ideas!!! So much my style…thank you!!!

  3. Darlene

    hi I love the riser with the cute little beads on the side

  4. Charlene Bright

    Ooops, did find supplies online after all. Operator error, LOL. Got enough to make five. Does that tell you how much I loved this DIY?

    Thanks Stacy!

  5. Kathie G

    Have everything stained. Just need to glue together. I love this project!