Dollar Tree pizza pan DIY for Christmas!

You read that title right…this is not only a Dollar Tree DIY, but it’s one that uses a pizza pan! SAY WHAT?!

This Dollar Tree pizza pan DIY for Christmas will not be looking like a pizza pan once you’re done! It’s truly so cute and easy too!

Here’s what you’ll need for this project:

Christmas craft
  1. Dollar Tree pizza pan
  2. White chalk paint (I used waverly from walmart)
  3. 6×6 Wood surface from Walmart
  4. Wilshire Snowman printable that can be found here
  5. White chunky yarn from Walmart
  6. Wood Bead garland from Walmart (or add your own wood beads)
  7. Lambs ear greenery from Hobby Lobby
  8. Ribbon for a bow of your choice
  9. Mod podge, hot glue, etc….the crafting staples!

I started off by painting a few coats of white on the Dollar tree pizza pan. Be sure it’s dry in between each coat before doing another!

dollar tree pizza pan craft
Snowman printable

As for the printable, I printed it on regular computer paper and simply cut it and used mod podge to adhere it to the surface! Then, I just used hot glue to attach it to the pan. Doesn’t get much easier than that and this is going to add SO much cuteness to this project.

Next, I took my chunky yarn and hot glued it all the way around the pan. Once that was done…I added the wood bead garland! It was super long, so I just cut it and tied it off at the length I needed. Hot glue worked great for this as well.

Dollar Tree pizza pan DIY

I left a little spot up top to give me room for some greenery and one of my Stacey’s Simple bows.

For the final finishing touch, I added a jute rope hanger!

Dollar Tree DIY

How amazing and cute did this turn out?! I truly couldn’t believe it myself and I love that this could stay up all winter long too!

Are you going to try your hand at a Dollar Tree pizza pan DIY this Christmas?! I hope you will!

Until next time…



  1. Ann

    Love this. Can’t wait to try it!!

  2. Cheryl Nunn

    This is super cute. None of the DT stores near me have had the pizza pans, but this is an inexpensive craft and I will purchase the pan wherever I find one. Thank you Stacey, for another fantastic idea.

  3. Melody

    Love this!! Can’t wait to try it myself


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